Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 55

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 55 – Still avoiding her, Shane called out coldly, “Mrs. Wilson!”

The maid, Martha Wilson, quickly rushed out from the kitchen. “Mr. Shane, you’re back.”

“Who let her in?” he demanded as he pointed at Jasmine, “Haven’t I told you before not to let anyone in if I’m not at home?”

Mrs. Wilson looked at Jasmine. “Sir, I thought that since Ms. Smith is your fiancée, you two would be married eventually, so…”

“I will cut your bonus for this month!” He did not want to hear her explanation and punished her directly.

Mrs. Wilson smiled nervously. “Yes, Sir.”

“Shane, what do you mean by this?” Jasmine was displeased.

It is evident that he doesn’t want me here; that’s why he’s punishing Mrs. Wilson for letting me in.

Shane did not intend to reply. Instead, he rubbed his brows in fatigue and ordered her to leave. “You may go now!”

“No, I will not.” Jasmine stepped right in front of Shane. “I came not only to see you but also because of my dad. We’ve been engaged for so many years and my dad wanted me to ask you when you plan to get married.”


Shane squinted slightly and looked at Jasmine for a few seconds. Then, he said bluntly, “I don’t have any plans for marriage for now.”

“Why?” Her reddened face turned white at once.

She couldn’t understand why her engagement went so smoothly but the marriage never happened.

It only takes one last step for me to become Mrs. Thompson, yet he just won’t go for it!

Jasmine clenched her fists as this thought crossed her mind. “Shane, I have waited five years; how much longer do you want me to wait?”

“If you don’t want to wait, then don’t!” Tugging at his tie, he walked past her and headed upstairs.

Jasmine bit her lips while watching his back in disbelief.

What does he mean? He wants me to call off the engagement herself?

Impossible. I’ll never do that!

Jasmine left the villa grumpily.

Upstairs, Shane opened the door of his room and the disgusting perfume odor filled his nostrils once again.

His expression darkened. “Mrs. Wilson, did you let her into my room, too?”

Mrs. Wilson stood at the bottom of the staircase and looked up. “No, Sir, I did not. Ms. Smith said she wanted to look around so I let her. I had no idea that she entered your room, Sir.”

Shane was about to explode. Closing the door of his bedroom with a sour look, he headed downstairs and straight for the main entrance.

“Sir, where are you going?” Mrs. Wilson followed behind him and asked.

While putting on his shoes, Shane ordered coldly, “Get someone to clean the villa thoroughly tomorrow. I’ll come back when they’re finished.”

After giving the orders, he opened the door, walked out, and drove away from the villa.

Meanwhile, at Blue Court Apartments.

After putting her two children to sleep, Natalie massaged her sore neck and walked out of their room. Suddenly, she heard a loud thump outside her main door.

What’s going on? Natalie was astounded. Thinking something had happened, she hurriedly opened the door and saw a tall man lying on the floor of the hallway.

The loud thump came about when he collapsed.

“Hey, are you alright?” Natalie went closer and lightly nudged the man on the floor with the tip of her foot.

The man stayed still.

As Natalie bent down slightly to check on him, a pungent stench of alcohol overwhelmed her system.

Feeling disgusted, she scowled and turned the man over. A familiar face entered her sight.

Natalie went wide-eyed in disbelief. Why is he here?

Without giving much thought, she shook the man twice. “Mr. Shane? Mr. Shane?”

Shane instantly opened his eyes and sat up on the floor.

When he saw that it was Natalie, he let down his guard. “Oh, it’s you?”

“Yes, it’s me.” Natalie helped him up. “Mr. Shane, how come you’ve passed out here?”