Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 47

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 47 – Jasmine looked at Shane in disbelief. “Shane, do you not trust me?”

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s because you’ve done this before. You’ve targeted Natalie previously.” Shane was referring to the things she did last time.

Jasmine stomped her feet in anger. She was annoyed at Shane’s distrust for her. “Yes, I admit that I didn’t like her and targeted her back then. But I swear it wasn’t me this time! If it were me, I would have stopped her from reviewing the security footage!”

Shane froze slightly when he heard this. Then, he lowered his eyes and went deep into thought.

Upon noticing this, Jasmine knew that Shane was swayed by her words. A smirk crept onto her face.

However, she adjusted her facial expressions quickly and held onto his arm. Swaying it from side to side, she looked up at him and said, “Shane, you’ve got to believe me. After you told me not to make Natalie’s life difficult, I listened to you! I would never disobey your words.”

“Alright.” Shane retracted his arm indifferently. He brushed the creases on his shirt and remarked, “I hope it really isn’t you. Otherwise, I’ll make you go back to your studio.”

With that, he walked out of the meeting room without looking at her again.

Meanwhile, in the surveillance room, Natalie had her arms crossed and her eyes glued to the surveillance monitors. She was afraid to miss any clues and scrutinized every frame.

Shane walked over and stood beside her. They stood there and observed the recordings for a short while before Shane asked, “So? Did you notice anything?”

She shook her head and informed him with a serious expression, “No. This is my second time reviewing the recordings. No one even came close to my workstation from yesterday till this morning.”

“Something isn’t right.” Shane furrowed his brows.

Natalie rubbed her chin with a puzzled expression. “Indeed, I feel the same too.”

If nobody touched my workstation, why would my drafts just go missing? Even the scanned copies were deleted from my laptop.

Obviously, there’s more to this!

But what did I miss?

Natalie bit her nails and lowered her head in thought.

Then, she suddenly thought of something. She told Shane, “Mr. Shane, I’m very sorry for ruining today’s meeting. Please give me some time to sort this out. I’ll definitely find out what happened. For me, and for you.”

Saying this, she bowed slightly to Shane.

She would not let this matter go so easily.

Natalie had made up her mind to make the culprit pay for what they did.

“Are you confident about this?” Shane asked as he looked at her.

Natalie thought about her son and let out a laugh. “Yes!”

“Oh?” Her assertive response made Shane raise his brows. “Alright, I’ll give you a day to sort this out. If you still haven’t found out who did this by then, you’ll have to redo your drafts, and they can’t be identical to the ones you’ve drawn previously. Understood?”

“Yes! Clear as day!” Natalie straightened her back and responded.

Shane nodded and left.

Natalie didn’t remain long in the surveillance room either. She made a copy of the security footage before heading back to the design department.

In the afternoon, she left Thompson Group’s office and visited a private investigator’s office. She handed over her laptop and mouse and asked them to check the items for fingerprints. After which, she took a cab to the kindergarten to pick her kids up.

“Mommy, where is Mr. Shane?” Sharon looked slightly dismayed when she didn’t see Shane with her mother.

Natalie pinched her nose playfully. “Do you like him that much?”

“Yes, I do!” Sharon nodded enthusiastically.

Connor chimed in as well, “Mommy, why didn’t Mr. Shane drive you today?”

“Mr. Shane is quite busy today. Also, Mommy’s leg is almost healed. We don’t have to trouble Mr. Shane any longer.” Natalie spoke as she took her children’s bags and hooked them to the crook of her arm.

Connor unwrapped a lollipop and placed it in his mouth. “When can we see Mr. Shane again then?”

“You will see him when we get the chance. Alright, get in the car now.” Natalie nudged the two children into the cab.

Connor and Sharon climbed into the car as per their mother’s instructions.

After they buckled their seatbelts, Natalie looked at Connor and said, “Connor, I need your help with something.”