Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 42

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 42 – I bet he is shocked that he yanked the guy’s hair.

“Connor, I thought I told you to behave! Why are you so naughty?” Annoyed, Natalie hit her son in his bottoms a few times.

The young boy bowed his head in shame.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Shane held onto Natalie’s hand and stopped her from hitting Connor.

She froze. “Mr. Shane…”

Shane raised his hand, signaling her to keep quiet. Then, he bent down slightly and looked deep into Connor’s eyes. “Connor, talk to me. Why did you try to grab my hair?”

“I didn’t mean to do it. It was just an accident…” Connor responded amidst sobs.

Shane narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. He fixed his gaze onto the boy and probed, “Was it really just an accident?”

“Yes, sir.” Connor nodded.

Natalie pondered for a moment and decided to step in. “Mr. Shane, I believe that my son didn’t do it on purpose. This has happened before.”

“Oh?” Shane glanced at her. There was a slight twitch in his face as he asked, “Did he grab others’ hair using this too?”

“Yes. My boy has a habit of holding small items in his hands. The Lego piece is small enough for him and he might have forgotten that he had it in his hands. Previously, he yanked Sharon’s hair in a similar manner too,” Natalie explained as she shot a glare at her son.

Upon seeing this, Connor bowed his head even lower.

“I see…” Shane’s eyes flashed briefly. He could tell that Natalie was speaking the truth.

“Mr. Shane, I’m really sorry about this!” Natalie bowed in apology and made her son do the same.

Seeing how the mother-son duo was rather sincere. Shane rubbed his temples and warned them sternly, “I hope this doesn’t happen again. He has to kick this bad habit.”

“Yes sir, I will make sure of that.” Natalie smiled apologetically and gently tapped her son’s head. “Hurry up and thank Mr. Shane.”

Connor timidly did as he was told and then quickly hid behind his mother’s back. Away from the adult’s scrutiny, he stared freely at the hair in his hand. The timidness and fear vanished from his face, and his lips gradually curled into a satisfied smirk.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Natalie hobbled over to the door with her crutches. Meanwhile, Connor grabbed this window of opportunity and dashed back to his room.

The door opened, and Stanley arrived with a first aid kit. Just as he was about to say hello, he spotted the other man in the living room.

“Mr. Shane! What a surprise to see you here!” The gentleness in his eyes disappeared and he shot Shane a sharp glance.

The latter immediately felt animosity. It became apparent that Stanley was guarded against him. He narrowed his eyes and observed the man.

Why is he so wary of me?

Natalie saw Shane pursing his lips in silence and answered on his behalf, “Mr. Shane sent us home.”

“Ah, I see.” Stanley’s eyes darkened momentarily. “Thank you, Mr. Shane.”

He extended his arm in Shane’s direction.

Shane looked down at the extended hand but had no intentions to return the handshake. He replied indifferently, “Don’t worry about it. Well, I shall get going then.”

Stanley didn’t turn angry at Shane’s reaction. Instead, he placed down his hand and offered, “Why don’t you stay a little longer, Mr. Shane?”

“It’s alright,” Shane uttered without any change to his facial expression. He strode toward the door after.

The two men made eye contact as they brushed past each other. The sharp gazes exchanged were unmistakable.

The few seconds of interaction were sufficient for Shane to see through the man.

This man is the perfect actor. His gentle appearance is just a mask to his cold, ruthless self.

How did Natalie befriend such a two-faced, pretentious man?

Shane’s eyes swept past Natalie as he thought of this.

The latter flashed him a slight smile, oblivious to what he was thinking. She saw him to the door and watched him get into the lift before returning to her place.

Her expression became stern the moment she closed the door. “Connor Smith!”

The young boy heard his mother’s voice and tiptoed out of his room in an abashed manner. “Mommy…”