Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 41

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 41 – However, one strange thing remained. Shane noticed that the apartment was seemingly inhabited only by Natales and children, for there were no signs of any man living there.

“Your husband doesn’t live here?” Before he could stop himself, he accidentally uttered the one question that was plaguing his heart.

Natalie, who was searching for some grounded coffee powder to make coffee, heard his question and froze. “Husband?”

“That Dr. Quinn from last night, isn’t he your husband?” Shane peered at her meaningfully.

Natalie quickly lowered her gaze to avoid showing him the shame and guilt in her eyes. “Yes, but he basically lives abroad.”

“Really?” Shane nodded slightly and did not bother to question further.

“Mommy, I’ve found the coffee. Go make a nice coffee for Mr. Shane.” Right at the moment, Connor took a box of coffee and stuffed it into Natalie’s outstretched hand.

Natalie patted his hair and said, “Okay. Thank you. Mommy’s going to make a coffee. Stay here with Mr. Shane and don’t be naughty, okay?”

“Alright, alright.” Connor replied.

Natalie stepped into the kitchen.

After she went in, Connor’s eyes shone as he touched his belly and pleaded, “Mr. Shane, I’m hungry. Can you help me get some cookies?”

Saying that, he pointed to the top of the fridge.

Following his pointed finger, Shane’s gaze fell upon the top of the fridge, stacked with all types of cookies and snacks. It was so full of choices that he had trouble choosing.

Shane could not help but frown, he was a little annoyed.

So Natalie actually bought all these snacks for her two children?

Doesn’t she know that it’s not good for children to eat too many tidbits?

As if understanding Shane’s concerns, Connor quipped in, “These are all presents from Aunt Joyce. She buys them for us every time she drops by. Mommy usually doesn’t let us eat too much. That’s why the snacks are piling up. Mommy says that we will have tooth decay from taking the snacks. That’s why she has stored them all on the fridge, so they’re out of our reach.”

Is this the real reason?

Perhaps. Shane loosened his brows.

Seemed like he had misunderstood her.

“So, what type of cookies do you want? I’ll get it for you,” asked Shane as he glanced at the child.

“It’s alright. Let me take them myself. Since there are too many types of cookies, I want to see them for myself. Mr. Shane, do you mind holding me up?” Having said that, Connor spread out both his small arms.

Seeing the little child wanting to be carried, Shane’s usual cold eyes showed a faint hint of warmth. Without thinking much, he reached out and carried the child.

Shane could feel the child’s soft body in his arms. That warmed up his frozen heart and made him feel fuzzily cozy.

Shane walked to the fridge while holding Connor.

Rummaging for snacks with one hand, Connor secretly stretched his other hand towards the top of Shane’s head. He managed to discreetly pull off a few strands of Shane’s hair with something in his hand.

“I’ve found it! I want to eat this. You may put me down now, Mr. Shane. Thank you.” Connor happily thanked him as he picked up a pack of cookies that he wanted.

Meanwhile, Shane did not notice what had just transpired. He was going to put the child down from his arms.

Right at this moment, he suddenly felt a jolt of pain on his scalp. Unable to hold it in, a groan escaped from his mouth.

“Mr. Shane, anything wrong with you?” Connor asked blankly as if he did not know what just happened.

He was merely a four-year-old, so no one would ever suspect him when he put on a show and pretended to be innocent.

Shane did not answer Connor, but his eyes caught sight of a Lego part with a few strands of hair trapped between it. Seeing that, Shane’s impatience went up.

How could this child have such a thing in his hands?

As he was pondering, Connor suddenly cried, “I’m sorry Mr. Shane. I didn’t mean it. Boohoo…”

From the kitchen, Natalie could hear the cry. She put down the kettle in her hand and quickly came out to check. “What’s the matter?”

“Mommy…” Connor rushed into her arms and hugged her, “Mommy, I didn’t mean it.”

“Didn’t mean what?” Natalie was getting more and more anxious by the seconds.

After all, she had not seen Connor cry for a long time.

The last time she saw him crying was two years ago, when he was merely two years old.

That was why she panicked when he burst into tears.

“I accidentally plucked off some of Mr. Shane’s hair. Boohoo…” Connor’s little hand trembled as he handed the Lego part over to Natalie.

She saw the few strands of hairs.

She could finally understand the reason her son was crying now.