Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 40

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 40 – Shane pursed his lips and replied, “No problem at all. However, I have promised Connor to be responsible for you until the end. Therefore, unless you call for someone to pick you up, I’ll insist on sending you back every day until you get better.”

“Surely you can’t take a child’s words seriously!” Natalie smacked her forehead in disbelief.

Seemingly not hearing her, Shane raised his wrist and looked at his watch, before saying, “I have been parking here for the past five minutes. The cars behind me are currently blocked by me. If you don’t want the cars behind to be riled up, you’d better get in my car right away.”

Hearing his words, Natalie instinctively turned her head back. She could feel a headache creeping up as she caught sight of a line of cars behind them honking unceasingly.

“In that case, I’ll trouble you to send me to the kindergarten first.” Forcing a grin, Natalie reluctantly opened the door and got into the car.

During the journey, Shane suddenly piped up, “I have heard what happened today. Jasmine has been troubling you. On her behalf let me apologize to you first.”

“It’s okay. No biggie. After you’ve clarified the matter with your social media post, she left and did not do anything to me,” Natalie replied as she winded up the car window and tied her wind-blown hair, revealing her nice, long neck.

Shane glanced at her with a willful look before revealing, “Silas has found out that a paparazzi who recognized me was lurking outside the restaurant. As a result, that happened today.”

“I see. So that’s the reason.” Natalie acknowledged.

“I have imposed a gag order on the internet. No one will disturb your nor your children’s life again.

Smiling gratefully, Natalie thanked Shane sincerely.

He gruffly acknowledged and said nothing.

In the end, she fell silent as she didn’t know her well.

Soon, they reached the kindergarten.

Natalie gave the teacher a call, and soon she came out with her two children.

The two children got into the car together and their eyes lit up upon seeing Shane. “Mr. Shane?”

“Yep. Hello.” Shane nodded slightly, his stern demeanor softened a lot.

Connor peered at him. Rolling his eyes, he suddenly pulled Sharon closer and whispered a few words into her ear.

Although Sharon did not know what her brother planned to do, she still nodded her head obediently and whispered back, “Don’t worry Connor. I’ll remember. Rest assured and count on me.”

She patted her chest proudly.

Putting his hand on her head, Connor patted her and said, “I trust you.”

Natalie looked on suspiciously at her two children. Feeling both amused and curious, she asked, “What are you two talking about?”

“Nothing. Nothing much.” The two children shook their heads in tandem.

“Connor?” Natalie peered meaningfully at her son.

Spreading out his little hands and shrugging, Connor said, “Mommy, don’t ask me. I won’t say anything.”

He definitely won’t tell Mommy that he was planning to get a few strands of Mr. Shane’s hair.

Squeezing Connor’s chubby cheek lightly, Natalie retorted, “Forget it. Mommy doesn’t want to know either.”

Connor stuck his tongue out at her before turning his head towards the driver’s seat and asked, “Mr. Shane, shall we go now?”

He was eager to go back and put his plan into action.

Shane turned his face slightly. Noticing a lock of hair sticking out and swinging on Connor’s head, he felt amused and an urge to touch it.

Due to his cold expression, no one could notice that.

“Sure. Sit tight and buckle up.” Shane tapped the steering wheel and instructed.

Connor nodded and sat back beside Natalie obediently.

As the car started, Sharon yawned immediately, “Mommy, I’m sleepy. I want to sleep.”

“Go to sleep then. Mommy will wake you up later,” soothed Natalie as she pushed Sharon onto her lap.

Sharon’s pink cheeks rubbed against Natalie’s t***h. She closed her eyes and fell asleep in a mere short while, even started to snore.

Seeing this, Connor’s mouth twitched a little.

Very good. My sister is a pro in this.

He had asked her to pretend to be sleeping. Later, upon getting off, he would have a reason to trick Mr. Shane to step into their house. He just did not expect his sister would actually fall asleep in such a manner.

He was okay with it though, since it was easy to tell if someone was pretending to be asleep. If she really was sleeping, then he would have one thing less to worry about.

Throughout the whole journey, no one said a word. Very soon, they got to the apartment.

Shane helped to put Sharon onto the sofa. After that he got up and took a look at the apartment.

There are only two rooms in this apartment and it was much smaller than his home. However, the furnishings were all very cozy and heartwarming, which was suitable for a family.