Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 34

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 34 – As Connor pondered, his eyes were zooming into Shane’s hair from time to time, readying himself and eyeing for a chance to pull out a couple strands of Shane’s hair.

However, before he could do anything, Natalie pulled him onto her lap and ordered him to sleep.

Connor found himself held down and could not move, hence he secretly sighed and resigned to the situation.

Seemed like all avenues had been closed and the next opportunity could only be found next time.

Mommy is really holding me back.

Suddenly, the cell phone in Natalie’s bag started to vibrate.

She took out her phone and saw that there was a message.

Seeing the sender’s name, she smiled slightly, and quickly opened the text message to check the content.

Are you home yet?

Natalie typed her reply: Not yet. Will be home soon!

Awesome! The person on the other end sent a one-word voice reply. No other audio message followed after that.

Natalie did not mind a bit as she had already gotten used to it. Calmly she put away her cell phone.

After travelling for around half an hour, they arrived back at their apartment.

Natalie woke her two children up and asked them to get down from the car first.

After the two children had climbed down, Shane walked to the back seat door and carried Natalie out of the car. After that, he asked, “Which building do you live in?”

Natalie knew that he intended to carry her to the door of her house. Just as she was about to answer, the corner of her eyes caught the glimpse of a familiar figure walking towards them from not far away.

As the figure approached, she was initially startled to recognize the face. Breaking into a smile, Natalie remarked, “Thanks for your good intention, Mr. Shane, but there’s no need to send us to our door. Someone has come to pick us up.”

“Huh?” He was confused, Shane followed the direction of her look and was surprised to see a man!

He saw a handsome man wearing a grey trench coat and a pair of glasses walking towards them.

Is he the one she mentioned coming to pick her up?

Is he her husband?

“Mr. Shane, you can put me down first,” Natalie said as she patted Shane.

Jolted from his thoughts, Shane frowned. He did not say much as he gently lowered her to the ground. As she stood up, he held her arm to help her stabilize her footing and prevent her from falling.

At this juncture, Sharon also saw the man. Her eyes brightened and she tugged Connor before running towards the man, yelling sweetly, “Daddy!”

The man responded, squatting down and picking up the two children, kissing both of them on their faces.

Witnessing this scene unfolding before him, Shane narrowed his eyes and could not help but feel a little uncomfortable all of a sudden.

It felt like something that should have belonged to him was suddenly snatched away by this man who had appeared out of nowhere.

“Hi, Nat.” The man, Stanley Quinn, greeted warmly while holding Sharon in his arms. With a gentle smile on his mellow face, he approached Natalie.

Seeing him, Natalie could not help but ask, “Why are you back here? I thought you’re abroad.”

“Since today is the birthday of these two children, I tried to rush back. However, a sudden surgery popped up and I had to attend to it. By the time I disembark from the plane, the sky is already dark. It took me some hassle to get back here, only to find that you’re not home yet,” explained Stanley.

Natalie was a little dumbfounded and said, “No wonder you texted me just now asking if I’m already back home. I thought you were just casually asking.”

“All this is to give you a surprise.” Having said that, Stanley put down the two children before stealing a glance at Shane. When his eyes saw Shane’s face, he could not stop staring as he trembled slightly.

Why does his face look so similar to Connor’s? Can it be…

Stanley’s eyelids drooped slightly, hiding the grimness in his eyes.

Soon, he recovered his cool and acted as if nothing had happened. Feeling suspicious, he inquired, “So, this gentleman here is…”

“This is my boss, Mr. Shane Thompson of the Thompson Group,” said Natalie as she introduced Shane to Stanley.

Nodding his head, Stanley reached out his hand to Shane and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Stanley Quinn, a surgeon by profession.”

Shane looked at his outstretched hand yet did not shake it. After replying with a casual “Hello”, he looked at Natalie and said, “Since this person is here to pick you up, I’ll take my leave first.”

For some inexplicable reason, he really disliked this man!

At the same time, his “man-alarm” was ringing in his head, warning him that there was more to Stanley than it met the eyes.

“Sure. Thanks for everything and goodbye, Mr. Shane.” Nodding her head, Natalie patted the heads of her two children and commanded, “Say goodbye to Mr. Shane, you two!”

Her two children obeyed respectfully.

Connor waved his hands vigorously as he shouted, “Mr. Shane, I’m looking forward to our next encounter.”