Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 32

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 32 – “Yes, I am,” replied Natalie as she held her children in one hand and patted their heads with another.

“They are very cute, especially this little guy here,” Jackson looked at Connor as he said his compliment before continuing, “He looks exactly like Shane. If I haven’t known that Shane has no children, I would have thought that both of them were father and son.”

Stealing a glance at Shane subconsciously, Natalie replied, “It’s all a coincidence.”

As the matter of fact, when she first saw him for the first time, she had felt that he looked strangely similar to Connor. However, she knew he could not have been Connor’s father.

The reason being, the man back then years ago was an old man who was almost fifty years old.

“By the way, I haven’t ask you for your name,” Jackson asked as he threw away the tissues in his hand.

“Natalie Smith,” she replied curtly.

“Natalie… last name Smith…” Jackson read it out in a low voice. Suddenly, he thought of something, his expression changed to one that was utterly shocked as he exclaimed, “Shane, it’s wrong! We are all wrong!”

“What’s going on?” Shane quickly asked coldly.

Jackson quickly pulled him aside, “Shane, do you remember that a few years ago, your grandfather got you engaged with a certain lady from the Smith family out of the blue?”

“Her name’s Jasmine Smith. So what are you trying to get at?” Shane queried as he looked at him seriously.

Jackson chuckled bitterly, “That’s the issue, my man. The problem is that Jasmine is not the one engaged to you, but rather, it’s her!” That said, he pointed directly at Natalie who was not far away.

Natalie tilted her head in response.

Are they talking about me? Why did he point in my direction?

“Do you even know what you are talking about?” Shane narrowed his eyes dangerously and stared at Jackson with an incredulous look.

Jackson rubbed his throbbing temple as he explained, “Of course, I do. Remember how I said just now that she looked familiar? That’s because she is your real fiancée. Your grandfather once showed a photo of your fiancée, and I happened to be there then. I remember that you did not look at the photo but I peeked a look. She’s the one in the photo! I swear!”

He still remembered the moment when he praised the lucky lady of the Smith family as beautiful.

“In that case, what happened to Jasmine?” Shane’s expression was extremely grim, still trying to digest the sudden revelation.

Jackson, after all, was his childhood friend. A good friend whom he trusted.

Trusted with his life even.

The Smith family must have lied to me!

As if reading his thought, Jackson answered, “I don’t know, but the only certainty in this matter is that Jasmine definitely is not your fiancée. Her identity as a lady of the Smith family is indeed questionable.”

It was known to everyone that the Smith family only has one daughter and one son.

After all, the photo of Natalie was shown by old man Miller many years ago, hence proving that she was the rightful heiress of the Smith family.

As for Jasmine, her identity was to be determined! Perhaps very soon.

What was going through Jackson’s mind was similar to what was going through Shane’s. He started walking towards Natalie and questioned brusquely, “Are you the daughter of the Smith family?”

Natalie blinked curiously, wondering how in world he knew about this.

Seeing her troubled expression, Shane conjectured, “I suspect it to be so, right?”

Natalie’s eyes darkened as her countenance turned serious, “I was. But not anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Shane demanded, pursing his lips.

Shaking her head vigorously, she grimaced bitterly and replied, “Mr. Shane, I’m not at liberty to say it.”

“You can’t say…” Shane trailed off as he looked totally dissatisfied with her answer.

Of course, he did not mean to force her in any way.

Since she had refused to spill the beans, he would have to check on the facts by himself!

After all, he must get to the bottom of this convoluted mess and figure out between the real and fake fiancée!

Deep in thought, Shane got out of the restaurant while taking out his cell phone

“Mommy, isn’t the Smith family mentioned by Mr. Shane where Mommy grew up?” Connor curiously asked.

Blinking innocently, Sharon chipped in and said, “Sharon wants to know too.”

Without a word, Natalie touched the heads of the two children.

Truth be told, she had never told her two children anything about the Smith family, nor did she intend to do so. That was the pain that she bore alongside her mother and younger brother – something that all of them decided not to bring up.

Over a long period of time, even she had forgotten that she was from the Smith family.

Right at this moment, the restaurant’s manager, who was a middle-aged man came over with a meal cart.

The meal cart was full of gift boxes in different sizes. Noticeably, the most conspicuous one being the big teddy bear.

Sharon’s eyes gleamed with excitement when she saw the teddy bear.

“Dear miss, this is something our restaurant has prepared for you. Please accept it as a sign of a heartfelt apology from us,” said the middle-aged man sincerely as he rubbed his hands.

Nodding her head, Natalie said, “I’ll accept the apology. However, I shall leave now.”

After Shane came back from his call, he overheard what she had said to the manager. Taking out the car key form his pocket, he threw the key to Jackson who was behind him. “Go, drive my car her,” he commanded.