Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 122

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 122 – Jasmine glared hatefully in the direction Shane and Natalie had gone in. She hissed, “I don’t need you to remind me!”

Of course, she knew she had been used. What was even more infuriating and humiliating was that she had not noticed at all. She had honestly thought Shane wanted to dance with her.

Yet, it turned out that he had only done that for Natalie. He did not want Natalie and Sean to dance together, so he had pulled her onto the dancefloor so he could get to Natalie.

Jasmine was so angry she could scream. Her chest rose and fell heavily with the force of her fury while utter hatred toward Natalie shone in her eyes.

A sly look entered Sean’s eyes when he noticed that. “Are you going to just accept defeat like that?”

The way her lips pursed tightly was answer enough.

He chuckled evilly and suggested, “If you’re not, then do something about it!”

“Huh?” Her head snapped to look at him. “What are you…?”

He merely shrugged his shoulders in response, not saying anything more.

Jasmine lowered her gaze to hide the scheming glint that appeared in her eyes.

He’s right. I finally got a chance to dance with Shane yet that b**** snatched him away from me! I’ll teach her a lesson she’ll never forget!

Her attention focused on the way Natalie’s dress trailed along the floor. Then, her eyes gleamed brightly when she got an idea.

She patted Sean, her eyes darting to Natalie meaningfully. Her intention was obvious. She wanted him to lead them in that direction.

Once they were close enough, she pretended to stumble and deliberately stepped on Natalie’s dress.

Since Natalie’s back was facing Jasmine, she did not realize the latter’s actions at all.

Although Shane had seen Jasmine stumble, he did not notice that her foot was right on Natalie’s dress. Thus, he ignored her and twirled Natalie in a grand spin for the finishing move.

At that moment, a loud ripping sound rang out.

Immediately after that, Natalie felt the way her dress split open at the front and slipped down her chest.

“AHH!” she shrieked in panic. Her arms flew up to cover herself as she crouched down on the floor, her face pale with shock.

Shane’s eyes narrowed and he hurriedly took off his suit jacket. Draping it over her body, he roared at the control room on the second floor, “Turn off the lights!”

The employees in the control room hastily did as ordered.

In an instant, the entire hall was plunged into darkness.

Shane helped Natalie to her feet. His voice was uncharacteristically gentle as he comforted her, “Calm down. Nobody saw anything.”

Natalie looked as white as a sheet, her pupils blown wide in fear. Her hands clutched the suit jacket to her tightly while her entire body shivered uncontrollably.

It was clear she was deeply traumatized by what just happened.

“Shane, is Nat okay?” Sean’s voice sounded from somewhere beside them.

Shane ignored him. Despite the darkness that shrouded them, his cold gaze accurately fixed on Jasmine as he demanded, “Why did you step on her dress?”

Judging from the direction the tearing sound had come from and Jasmine’s location then, it was easy to guess the reason for Natalie’s current condition.

“I didn’t mean to! I didn’t know I was stepping on her dress. I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Jasmine burst into tears, crying pitifully as if she had really not done it on purpose.

Too bad for her, Shane was completely unconvinced. He patted Natalie’s trembling back, intoning, “Do you seriously think I’ll believe you?”

Jasmine’s crying hitched for a second before she continued. “Shane, I know you won’t believe me because I used to be at odds with Ms. Natalie previously. But I swear, I really didn’t do this deliberately!”

Sean pushed his glasses up his nose before stating, “Shane, I can vouch for her. Her heels were too high and she twisted her ankle. She must have accidentally stepped on Nat’s dress then.”

“An accident? I don’t think so. Does she look like she twisted her ankle?” Shane pointed a finger at Jasmine with a sneer.

“That’s enough, Shane. We can get to the truth of the matter later. What’s more important now is to bring Nat to the private lounge so she can change out of that dress,” Sean reminded.

That snapped Shane out of his fury. He moved to help Natalie out of there when Sean stopped him.

In an airy tone, Sean said, “Shane, I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to go with Nat. After all, you’re still Jasmine’s fiancé. What would others think if they see you going with another woman to change out of her clothes? What would they think about her? It’s better if I take Nat out of here.”