Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 114

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 114 – Natalie diverted his attention because she had no intention of telling Shane she had encountered Sean.

If he were aware of the contents of their conversation, she would be doomed for good.

Thankfully, Shane didn’t seem to be suspicious of her words. He clapped and beckoned others to bring them the outfits.

One after another elegant outfits showed up in front of them. The entire department seemed to have turned into a luxurious boutique.

One of the staff present exclaimed, “Fantastic!”

Natalie nodded and asked, “Mr. Shane, I hope I have not let you down as the chief designer of the project.”

“Indeed. You have done a great job,” Shane replied with a smirk seeing her eagerness for compliments.

Grinning, the satisfied designer denoted, “Great! If that’s the case, I’ll head over and check on the clothes to determine if it requires any alteration.”

Natalie walked towards the outfits and started inspecting the quality of the outfits in detail.

Shane didn’t stand around idly. Instead, he joined her for a round of inspection.

After they had everything sorted out with those from the dress-making department, it was already noon.

Shane suggested Natalie join him for lunch. Since she was hungry, she decided to join him without a second thought.

They dropped by a Western restaurant.

After they took their seats, Shane handed over the menu to Natalie.

She ordered a serving of steak and a piece of black forest cake.

“You seem to have a sweet tooth, huh?” Shane remarked nonchalantly after he took a sip of sky juice. He recalled she had a lot of desserts the last time they attended another event together.

Natalie ran her fingers through her hair and denoted, “Actually, I do because it’s the only thing that’s capable of soothing my soul after a long and hectic day of work.”

“Is that so?” Shane swirled the glass of sky juice and lost himself in a train of thoughts. Throughout their entire meal, they remained silent.

After they had their lunch, they didn’t return to the company. Instead, they dropped by Fashion Hall to check on the progress of the venue’s setup.

The show was merely a few days away. They couldn’t allow anything to go wrong. Thus, in order to ensure a smooth event, they decided to check on every details.

Soon, they reached Fashion Hall.

After they boarded the elevator, Natalie was about to close the door when she heard the anxious voice yelling, “Wait! Please wait for me!”

Natalie stopped the elevator on the anonymous’ behalf and caught a glimpse of a woman dressed in a complete set of office attire.

The woman rushed into the elevator with bags of all sizes with her. Bowing, she expressed her gratitude towards Natalie and Shane after she caught a breather, “Thank you so much!”

In response, Natalie waved and asserted, “You’re welcome. It’s not a big deal.”

As for Shane, he ignored the woman as he stood behind them, emanating an intimidating presence as he had his eyes glued to the door of the elevator.

Although the woman was attracted by his ethereal-looking face, she was intimidated by his aura and decided to stay away from him.

A minute later, she reached her designated floor and made her way out with her bags.

As she tried to walk out with the things she had with her, a hefty bag of hers fell and bumped into Natalie, causing her to stagger and fall in between Shane’s arms.

Subconsciously, he removed his hand from his pocket and stretched his arm to support her in the nick of time. “Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine… T-Thanks, M-Mr. …” She raised her head and accidentally kissed him on the lips because he had his gaze lowered to check on her. All of a sudden, her mind went blank as she stared at him, wide-eyed.

Things were the same for Shane as he lost himself in a state of reverie. The moment they exchanged glances, he could barely resist the urge he had been suppressing all this while.

It was merely an accident because he didn’t expect she would raise her head out of the blue.

As he caught a whiff of her scent and a velvety sensation from her lips, he was on the verge of losing control.

Staring at her with his deep gaze, he felt a strong urge to give her an amorous k**s, yet his rationality prevented him from going berserk.

A few seconds later, Shane moved his hands away and took a step back, apologizing in a hoarse voice, “Sorry.”

Natalie, who had just returned to her senses, avoided his gaze as she flushed embarrassedly. “I-It’s fine…”

She should be the one apologizing because if she didn’t raise her head all of a sudden, they wouldn’t have kissed either.

Natalie turned around and faced Shane with her back.

She could feel her cheek burning and her heart racing. It felt as though she would pass out anytime soon due to anxiety.