Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 111

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 111 – Smirking, Shane directed another question in return. “Are you considering me as a cruel man merely because I refused to offer my help? If something happens to Thompson Group, do you think Smith Group will offer to help?”

“I-I…” Jasmine was rendered speechless by his question. She opened her mouth to speak, yet no words came out of it.

Shane sneered and remarked sarcastically, “See? Isn’t the answer obvious?”

Jasmine avoided his gaze as she denied it and asserted, “No, Shane! You have misperceived my response! If anything happens to Thompson Group, we’ll definitely offer our help without hesitation. That being said, nothing’s wrong with Thompson Group currently, right?”

Natalie couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore. She chuckled and asked, “Ms. Jasmine, are you saying that there was no window of opportunity for the Smith Group to help?”

The infuriated Jasmine glared at her and warned, “Shut up! You have no right to interrupt our conversation!”

Natalie shrugged her shoulders and pursed her lips. “Fine. I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

She kept her words and brought herself away right after she finished her sarcastic remarks.

Shane massaged his temples and said, “Alright. Forget about it. Harrison has been in the corporate world for a few decades. I believe he has some tricks up his sleeves as well.”


Jasmine was about to say something, but she knew she should stop the moment she detected Shane’s irritated expression.

In the end, she stomped her feet to express her frustration before walking out of the conference room.

After she left, Shane reached for his phone and got in touch with the representatives from the respective departments to figure out the identity of the person who had lodged the complaint.

A few moments later, he set his phone aside after receiving the answer.

Natalie hesitated for some time before she brought herself to ask, “Mr. Shane, who is it?”

Although she wasn’t part of the Smith family anymore, she was still interested in knowing because her mother used to contribute to Smith Group’s success.

Thus, she couldn’t turn a blind eye and behaved as though she didn’t care about the hardship that had befallen Smith Group.

Shane lowered his gaze and answered indifferently, “It’s a top-notch hacker.”

“A hacker?” Natalie’s eyes widened in disbelief because a certain someone crossed her mind.

Judging by her response, Shane got suspicious and confronted, “What? Are you aware of the hacker’s identity?”

“I-I do have a candidate in mind, but please forgive me because I can’t possibly expose his identity.”

Although he was Connor’s father, she had no intention to reveal their son possessed top-notch hacking skills because she wanted to protect him. She deemed it necessary to keep the fact only to a mere few.

After all, Connor was merely a few years old. She was afraid others would make use of his talents for their own sake.

On the other hand, Shane was irritated because he wasn’t aware of Natalie’s concerns. He mistook it as her attempt to protect another man from him. As he was kept in the dark, he replied in a callous tone, “I have no intention to figure out his actual identity, but what is he up to? What’s his motive?”

Natalie ran her fingers through her hair and denoted in a loving manner, “I believe he’s trying to avenge me because he’s knew Harrison has slapped me in the face while Jasmine has tried to accuse me.”

“He seems to be pretty concerned about your wellbeing, huh?”

Grinning as she thought about it, she beamed her reply, “He does.”

He couldn’t stand it anymore and walked out of the conference room as he was about to lose his cool.

Emanating a gloomy presence as he walked out, Natalie finally noticed he seemed to be infuriated, yet she couldn’t be sure of the reasons behind his sudden change of behavior.

In the afternoon, Natalie dropped by to pick up her beloved children. As soon as they saw her, they rushed over and each held on to her legs firmly. “Mommy!”

“Hey!” Natalie caressed her children in return and hailed a cab to bring them back to their place.

After they boarded the cab, Connor blinked his eyes and looked at his mother. “Mommy, have you seen the surprise I have prepared for you?”

His mother nodded in return and remarked, “Speaking of which, where did you find the audacity to do such a thing? You have given me the shock of my life!”

The little boy chuckled and snuggled down in between Natalie’s arms. “I can’t possibly let him off the hook without teaching him a lesson, right? He should have known his place and stayed away from us! Most importantly, he shouldn’t have bullied you!”

Although she was touched, she warned her son, “Excuse me? You’re not allowed to do such a thing from now onwards, okay? You should stay out of my business and live a carefree life as a child.”

Her son shook his head and asserted in a serious manner, “Mommy, how am I supposed to live a carefree life when you’re living a tough life?”