Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 104

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 104 – As Jasmine had already anticipated the confrontation, she had long figured out a way to get herself out of the nasty situation. She put on a pitiable front and started wailing as she pursed her lips. “She’s the one to be blamed! She shouldn’t have bothered you and insisted on having you tagging along with her children to the theme park! Isn’t it obvious she’s trying to seduce you and take over my position? Why can’t I defend myself?”

He got increasingly frustrated and repeated himself once more, “What sort of nonsense are you talking about? I want you to tell me the truth immediately! Did Susan fall on her own, or did Natalie push Susan?”

Actually, just like everyone else, he had never once suspected Jasmine.

After all, Susan was her biological mother. No matter what, she would never put her mother’s life at stake.

Jasmine’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Shane’s question. Nevertheless, she remained calm and put on a determined front as she replied, “It was Natalie!”

He looked at her in the eyes and enunciated his question for one last time, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure! In fact, everyone from the design department can vouch for me!” Jasmine pinched herself hard to pull off a genuine pained expression to go along with her act in a bid to deceive Shane.

He stared at her with a p***r face because he couldn’t figure out if she were telling the truth. “Silas has dropped by the design department and interviewed a few of your colleagues, but they said by the time they saw Susan, she had already passed out. They couldn’t be sure if Natalie were the one who pushed her either. I will investigate this incident and get to the bottom of it.”

She avoided his gaze and started cursing in her mind because her colleagues promised her they would side with her and vouch for her.

However, the moment Shane sent someone to them, they changed their minds and went against their words, telling Silas they weren’t aware of the truth.

She was infuriated because he would have believed her if they had vouched for her and said Natalie was the one who pushed Susan.

As Jasmine lost herself in the process of thought, Shane placed his hand on the table and asked once more, “I have another question for you. Are you the one who bribed the police officers and instructed them to interrogate Natalie brutally?”

Her eyes widened in disbelief when she heard his words. “No! I didn’t!”

Since when did I do such a thing? Indeed, I want Natalie to be kept behind bars for the time being, because once I get Mom to accuse Natalie after she regains consciousness, Natalie will be doomed! I don’t have to bribe the police at all! Who’s trying to frame me?

Shane, who had been watching Jasmine’s reaction, noticed she seemed to be confused. Therefore, he knew she didn’t lie to him.

As his heart sank to the bottom of his stomach, he waved at her and instructed, “Alright. That’s all. You are free to take your leave now.”

After Jasmine walked out of his office, Silas entered and said, “Mr. Shane, the shareholders demand an audience with you.”

Frowning, the confused Shane asked, “Why? What do they want?”

“I believe it has something to do with the incident with Ms. Smith. They said she has adversely impacted the company’s image. Therefore, they wish to terminate her.”

Shane scoffed, “Adversely impacted? They must be kidding me, right? Do they have any idea of the impact they have brought upon the company due to their messed-up life? Who the h**l do they think they are to terminate the service of Project Rebirth’s chief designer?”

After he finished his statement, he walked out of his office and made his way over to the conference room.

It took him an hour to sort things out with the so-called shareholders.

After he wrapped up the conference, he instructed Silas as he walked towards the elevator, “I want you to send someone to keep an eye on Susan. Once she regains consciousness, ask her if she can recall the incident? If she does, ask her if it was an accident or if she can identify the person who has pushed her? This has to be carried out discreetly!”

Since there wasn’t any surveillance camera installed, that was the only method he could think of to figure out the truth behind Susan’s misfortune.


After he delivered his instructions, he checked on his phone and gave it a thought for a few seconds. In the end, he decided to drop Natalie a text because he wanted to figure out if she had offended anyone else apart from Jasmine. Perhaps, another one of her foes was the one who had bribed the police officers.

Meanwhile, Natalie was about to head to the kindergarten to pick her children up when she received the text.

She was taken aback by the content of the text message because Shane was implying that Jasmine wasn’t the one who had bribed the police officers.

However, she was confused because Jasmine and Susan were the only ones who held a grudge against her.

She decided to tell him the truth and told him there wasn’t anyone else whom she could think of to resort to such a b****l act.

After a while, the woman, who had been anticipating a reply from the man, heaved a long sigh of despair because she didn’t receive it.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.