Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 103

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 103 – After all, even Jacqueline did not have the privilege to engage in such an intimate session with Shane.

All of a sudden, Silas recalled Sean’s words and gave them a thought.

Judging by Shane’s response, Sean seemed to be right because the former insisted on having Natalie in his care the moment he saw her in between Sean’s arms.

Oh, G*d! Does that mean Mr. Shane… It can’t be, right?

Silas gulped and dared not probe further.

Throughout the journey, they remained silent in the car. Soon, they finally reached to the apartment.

Shane laid Natalie on the couch and instructed Silas, “Get Jackson over here at once!”

“Yes!” Silas took note of his instruction and proceeded to get in touch with Jackson.

After a short while, Jackson showed up with a first-aid kit to check on Natalie’s condition.

Shane, who was by their side, asked with a serious expression, “How is she?”

Jackson assembled a syringe and pushed the piston to remove large air bubbles. He turned around and replied in a calm manner, “It’s not a big deal. In addition to extreme fatigue, she caught a cold. That took a hit on her immune system, hence, the fever. She’ll be fine after this jab.”

Finally, Shane returned to his usual calm and collected self after he heard Jackson’s words.

After Jackson finished administering the injection, he threw the syringe away and stared at his friends with an odd smirk. “I have been wondering about the reason you left the hospital in such a hurry. It turns out she’s the reason, huh?”

Shane didn’t bother to deny his speculation because it was the fact. While serving Jackson a glass of wine, Shane said, “I can’t possibly leave her alone when she was thrown behind bars because of me, right? How did Jacqueline’s operation go? Is everything fine?”

Jackson rolled his eyes and said, “Ha! I thought you have completely forgotten about her! Everything is fine since we have Stanley, the pioneer in the field of neurology, in charge of her operation. He managed to complete the operation within three hours, which would otherwise require five hours.”

Shane was irritated by the mere mention of Stanley. In the end, he placed his glass of drink aside and denoted, “Alright! I believe it’s time you return to the hospital as well. Please get in touch with me as soon as Jacqueline regains consciousness.”

“Fine.” After Jackson finished his glass of drink, he departed with his first-aid kit.

Natalie woke up a few minutes after Jackson departed.

“Where am I?” She massaged her temples and sat upright on the couch.

Shane, who was on the couch opposite her, answered to her query, “We’re in my apartment.”

Finally, she noticed Shane was in the room when she heard his voice. “Mr. Shane.”

He hummed in return and handed a glass of water to her. “You must be thirsty, right? Why don’t you have a glass of water? I have brought you back to my apartment because I can’t locate your key and you caught a fever.”

“T-Thanks…” The drowsy woman took it over and gulped the glass of warm water down within a few seconds.

She felt a heartwarming sensation deep down because the man who had shown up when she needed someone the most was Shane.

Suddenly, Shane told her, “I have heard of the entire incident from Silas, and I’m aware that Jasmine was the one who had sent Susan to create a scene back then.”

Upon hearing his words, she held on to the glass of water and looked at him in the eyes anxiously. “Mr. Shane, do you think it was me who pushed Susan as well?”

He got up from the couch and put his hands in his pockets. “I have no idea, but I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this. If you aren’t the culprit, I’ll definitely ensure justice is served.”

Natalie beamed her reply, “Thank you so much, Mr. Shane.”

Although she was slightly disappointed because he didn’t seem to have faith in her, she was grateful he didn’t jump to the conclusion and blame her.

“You should get some rest and call it a day. I’ll return to the company for the time being.” Shane walked out of his apartment after he finished his sentence.

By the time he returned to the car, Silas looked at him with a serious expression and denoted, “Mr. Shane, I have sent our men to the police station. They found out that the police officers have been bribed by someone to interrogate Ms. Smith. They wanted to force her into submission and admit she was the one who had pushed Susan.”

Shane put on a stern front and asked indifferently, “What? Has she given in to their absurd request?”

Silas shook his head and said, “Nope.”

Shane clenched his fists with all his might and instructed with his face puckered in an awful manner, “Let’s go!”


As soon as he returned to his office, Shane summoned Jasmine to meet him in his office. Staring at the woman in front of him, he confronted, “Jasmine, did I not make myself clear? I told you not to go after Natalie anymore! It seems like you can’t wait to return to your studio, huh? How dare you lie to me and go against your promise? I must say you’re quite a smart one because you have been hiding behind the scene and let Susan be your scapegoat instead!”