Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 64

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 64 – I feel him position himself before sinking into me. This angle was a lot deeper as his pelvis hit my a*s with each thrust. The only sounds were skin hitting flesh. Cyrus grips my chin making me look up as he kisses me. Eli‘s grip on my hips tightening as his nails dig into my flesh. I m**n into Cyrus‘s mouth, his tongue playing with mine and I grab his c**k through his pants. I tug on them wanting him to take them off and he kicks them off. Eli slows his movements before pulling out and I move between Cyrus legs kissing his k**b and running my tongue over his shaft. Cyrus moves my hair from my face and I feel Eli moves between my legs before feeling his c**k slide between my lips and plunging into me. My walls clenched around him tightly.

“F**k!” I hear him groan out. I s**k on Cyrus k**b before taking him deeper into my mouth, s*****g on his aroused flesh as Eli slowly thrusts in and out, making me m**n around his c**k. Cyrus grip tightens on my hair as he shoves me down on his c**k, and I have to force my throat to relax to take him down the back of my throat, my eyes watering at the intrusion as I find my rhythm, my saliva coating his length as it slips between my lips.

Reaching back, I grip Eli‘s hip wanting him to move faster. He picks up his pace the feeling in my stomach building and I let his hip go to keep my balance as he pounds into me. I feel his hand move over my a*s before feeling his thumb press to the tight muscles of my a*s. I push back against him, my j****s spilling onto my t****s as he f***s me.

My walls fluttering around his hard length and I feel the familiar tightening sensation of my o****m building when he pushes his thumb in my a*s. Cyrus‘s grip on my hair tightening, and I feel my o****m wash over me making me m**n around his c**k. Eli‘s movement became jerky and erratic as he chased his own release. My o****m washes over me in waves before I feel Cyrus hot seed spill into my mouth at the same time Eli stills. My p***y milks his c**k as my walls flutter around him, his seed coating my insides as cyrus seed spills into my mouth and down my throat.

I feel Eli pull out and I collapse on the bed. Exhaustion taking over and I feel Cyrus lean over me kissing the side of my face. Feeling the bed dip my eyes open to see Eli now had pants on. He reaches over with a cloth in his hand, the cloth was warm and wet as he pressed it between my legs cleaning me.

“You feel better now?” He asks and I nod my head as I yawn sleepily. “Much better” I tell him, my eyes feeling heavy as they close. I feel the bed dip on both sides before I am pulled against Cyrus, his hand resting on my hip and I drift off into the oblivion of sleep.

Waking the next morning to them getting up for work, I roll on my side and see Cyrus walk out with a suit on. “Go back to sleep, we have meetings all day and you still have a temperature” Cyrus says kissing the side of my face.

Eli walks in with a tray, he sets it down on the bedside table before handing me the juice. He too was also in a suit dressed and ready for work.

“We should be back by 3, I am trusting you not leave”

“And go where, it would take me all day to walk into the city” I tell him and he leans down pecking my lips.

“Get some rest” He says walking out along with Cyrus.

I ate my jam toast before laying back down and snuggling beneath my blanket falling back to sleep. I felt like s**t, like I was hungover. I slept for a few hours waking to somebody banging loudly on the door. Was it the mailman? I wondered as I climbed out of bed. I quickly chucked a dressing gown on. The banging getting worse as I made my way down the stairs.

“Hang on I‘m coming geez” I call out walking down the steps. Opening the door I see Sam. Startled for a second before remembering he was coming over. A smile lighting up my face as he steps closer wrapping his arms around me and hugging me close. I hug him back looking down the driveway nervously.

“Sam you shouldn‘t be here, they will pick up your scent” I tell him suddenly nervous about him being here. I missed him, missed having him in my life but now with the bond growing stronger I felt like I was betraying my mates.

“Don‘t worry about it” He says holding up a can of something and spraying it all over him. I cough and splutter on it, it smelt like fly spray making me gag on the fumes.

“What is that s**t?” I ask choking.

“We use it to mask our scents” He says with a shrug. I open the door letting him in before walking to the kitchen I flick on the kettle needing caffeine.

“Coffee?” I ask and he nods looking around the kitchen and dining room.

“Place is so.. so”

“Clean?” I offer and he nods.

“Yeah Cyrus has a thing about dust” I tell him and he looks at me. He sits down on one of the stools facing me and I hand him his coffee.

“So what‘s it like living with monsters” He asks and I stare at him. I didn‘t like the way he said they were monsters, for someone reason it grinded my gears. He puts his hands up in mock surrender, something on my face must have alerted him I was not pleased by his words.

“Settle I was only mucking around, you are starting to like them aren‘t you” He asks and I say nothing. He sighs. “I suppose it can‘t be helped, the bond makes you oblivious to what they are”

“I am fully aware of what they are, Sam. You don‘t have to keep reminding me”

“Are you though Ada, do you truly know the monsters you live with?” He asks,

“They are people Sam“, He cuts me off.

“No Ada we are people they are monsters, monsters that prey on the weak”

“They don‘t k**l people, enough of this”

“They have k****d plenty just because they have you fooled doesn‘t mean I don‘t see what they truly are”

“Did you come here just to trash talk them Sam because if you did leave”

“Wow, they got you good didn‘t they. You f**k them yet? Is that why you‘re acting like this?” He asks, standing up and brushing my hair back to look at my mark.


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