Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 45

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 45 – Eli pushes my skirt up, his hand moving over the thin fabric covering my core which was pulsating to its own beat as arousal smashes me and I am not sure if it’s mine or his. One of his hands moves to my hair as he rips my head back, his lips going to my neck as he n**s and s***s on the skin. His other hand moves between my legs and I feel his fingers brush over my slit, the thin fabric damp with my arousal when I feel him push the fabric to the side running his fingers between my wet folds.

He lets go of my hair and I grip his face pulling his lips back to mine and kissing him deeply. I feel his teeth graze my lip making me shiver, his arm wrapping around my waist when I feel his finger penetrate me making me jump slightly at the intrusion, he slides his finger out before adding another and I move my hips against his fingers, his thumb rubbing my c**t as he curls his fingers inside me hitting that sweet spot I can never reach.

His fingers sliding in and out s***k with my j****s and he pulls back. His teeth n*p my neck before I feel his hand around my waist move to my blouse as he pops the top two buttons exposing my b****t to him. His teeth grazed the skin not covered by my bra. My nails are digging into his shoulder, the other one on his chest. I feel my skin heat up, a breathy m**n escaping me as I feel my skin begin to flush as I sit on the edge of my o****m.

Eli’s fingers move faster as his thumb rubs my sensitive bud of nerves. “Come for me Addie” He whispers, his voice next to my ear alone enough to send me over the edge and I feel my walls clamp down on his fingers, my walls fluttering as my o****m washes over me in waves, Eli slows his movements letting me ride out my o****m leaving me breathless.

Eli pulls his fingers from me, my face turning red when I watch him s**k his fingers clean before he grips my face, crushing his lips against mine and I can taste my j****s on his tongue when he plunges it into my mouth. He g****s before pulling back.

“Still not feeling the mate bond?” he asks with a sly smile on his lips.

Cyrus pulling us from our little bubble when he suddenly walks in, I scramble off Eli’s lap suddenly feeling embarrassed. Eli smirks at my blushing face. Cyrus walks over to Eli, leaning over the back of his chair and reaching into Eli’s front pocket. Eli looks up at him and Cyrus kisses him and I feel arousal watching them together, seriously what was wrong with my libido? Cyrus pulled back, his hand removing Eli’s keys from his pocket.

“Someone smells good enough to eat,” He murmurs before looking at me, his eyes turning crimson. I look away knowing full well what Cyrus would have just tasted on his tongue.

“Forgot your keys” He says jingling Eli’s car keys in the air before he walks out. I turn back to the computer trying to ignore the ache between my legs hoping it goes away.

The rest of the day goes by quickly, Eli makes me remain at his desk even when I had my lunch break Eli came with me, refusing to let me go anywhere by myself. Taylor was slowly adjusting to working but was a fast learner so I knew she would be fine after a week or two. Cyrus came back in the afternoon before calling Eli out of the room and I used that opportunity to message Sam, only when I do the message won’t go through and returns failed.

“Did you block my messages?” I ask when Eli walks back in.

“Yep to Sam I did and any message you send will notify my phone of the text” He says and I toss my phone in my bag irritated.

“Why are you messaging Sam?” He asks.

“To make sure he is okay after last night, why else?” I tell him.

“Sam is fine, as much as I would love to k**l the germ he is right, I touch him and I will have his entire organisation after us” He states.

“My father was a hunter,” I tell him, still trying to wrap my head around that new information.

“Did you know him?” I ask. Eli growls low in the back of his throat.

“Now why would I know your father, I don’t go around trying to get hunters attention Addelyn”

“I was only asking, no need to get snappy” I tell him reaching down and grabbing my handbag and tossing it over my shoulder.

Cyrus walks in a bottle of pills on a clear tube. I notice the pills are red in color.

“So what exactly is in those pills beside your blood?” I ask him as he slips them in his pocket.

“Just sugar pills,” He says and I nod. Cyrus grabs my hand leading me downstairs where Taylor was waiting with Bella.

“Can we grab Maya on the way home” She asks.

“Your mother already has” Eli tells her. Taylor nods looking confused. We walk out to the car and l climb in the back with my sister. Bella waves as Eli pulls out of the parking space. Cyrus turns in his chair facing us before looking at Taylor. “Come here” He tells her and she immediately obeys moving to the edge of her seat. Cyrus grips her face and holds up the bottle of pills.

“Take one of these daily until they are gone, if your mother asks what they are, tell her they are birth control pills” He says, his eyes a dark red colour and I shake my head finding myself lost in them along with her.

He lets go of her face and I notice my sister’s eyes are glazed over before she shakes her head, Cyrus places the pills in her hand and she slips them in her bag. I stare at her but it’s like the conversation they just had never happened as she talks away happily about work. I remain quiet not knowing if I like this new version of my sister. I keep waiting for something to go wrong, only it doesn’t. I notice Eli looking at me a few times in the mirror as I try to listen to my sister. When we pull up Maya is outside waiting on the porch with my mother.


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