Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 42

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 42 – I feel tears threaten to spill over at her words. Grabbing my keys off the kitchen counter I walk out of the kitchen heading for the front door. “Ada wait!” My mother calls out to me. But I was done, so f*****g done. I wanted my freedom but I didn’t want it like this, and I sure as h**l didn’t want to go with them to Soya.

Getting to the door I swing it open, the door shutting behind me and I make a run for my car. Getting in I start my little beast just as the passenger side door opens and Eli hops in.

“Get out Eli!” I scream in frustration.

“No! why are you leaving?”

“Eli get the f**k out of my car!” I scream even louder but he doesn’t move instead reaches over ripping my keys from the ignition. My anger gets the better of me and I turn in my seat and slap him. He growls low in the back of his throat. “I am going to pretend you didn’t just hit me Adeline” He snaps at me with a glare on his face as he rubs his cheek.

My breathing comes fast as I fight the urge to break down. My life has just been completely thrown upside down. “I know you are upset, I know you don’t want this, but you need to calm down, my temper is paper thin Addie so pull yourself together and f*****g deal with it instead of running from us” Eli says before opening the door and hopping out. He walks back inside leaving me in the car. I couldn’t believe my mother was letting me go, I always wanted to be on my own but truly being on my own now scared me. Technically I wouldn’t be on my own but it was still losing all the responsibility that comes with being in this family, and now that I was being given my freedom I somehow no longer wanted it, funny how that works. You want something so bad that once you get it you no longer know what to do with it, it was always some goal you are working toward but never truly see happening yet you continue trying to strive for it.

Maya brings me out of my thoughts when she suddenly climbs in my car. I look at her in the backseat when Cyrus climbs in the passenger seat with her school bag. Was I really sitting out here long enough that an hour slipped past without me realising. Looking at the clock in my car it was 630am, the time I usually drop her to before school care. Looking down I was still in my pajamas. Cyrus hands me my keys and doesn’t say a word. I start the car driving her to before school care.

“Where is Eli?”

“Organising things for Taylor” He says and I nod. Pulling up at her school, Cyrus gets out before unbuckling Maya. Maya leans over the seat pecking me on the cheek before climbing out and grabbing Cyrus’s hand. I watch as he takes her through the gates and to where she needs to go. The lady is waiting out the front as she waits for her pupils to arrive. I watch as she takes Maya’s hand escorting her into the before school care room. Cyrus waits for her to be out of sight before turning around and walking back to the car and climbing in.

“Coffee?” He asks and I look down at my clothes.

“I’ll go in” He says and I nod driving to the cafe where I usually get my morning coffee. Cyrus gets out before returning with four coffees. I drive home and see Eli’s car gone from the driveway.

“He will be back any minute with Taylor” Cyrus says and I nod. Walking to the door, I unlock it and find my mother has already left for work. Going inside I go upstairs to get changed. I was just pulling my shirt off over my head when Cyrus walks in. I quickly pull my shirt back down.

Cyrus hands moving to my hip before he rests his chin on my shoulder. Tingles moving across my skin making me shiver against him which doesn’t go unnoticed by him.

Cyrus moves his hands underneath my shirt, his hands moving over my stomach sending sparks everywhere. “Do the tingles ever stop?” I ask.

“Nope, why do they bother you?” I shake my head.

“No, just a strange feeling” I tell him and he nods running his nose across my jaw before kissing my cheek.

“I hit Eli” I tell him.

“I know, I saw” He says, “you have a thing with hitting him” He chuckles.

“I shouldn’t have” I tell him and he hums softly.

“No, but it wouldn’t have hurt him, you can’t hurt us Addie not in that way anyway”

“How then?”

“You want to hurt us?” He asks, pulling back. I turn in his arms facing him.

“No, just curious” I tell him as he looks down at me.

“Everything will be alright Addie you have us now” He says and I look away, did I want them though?

“I can practically hear the cogs turning in your head, what are you afraid of”

“I’m not afraid of anything, I just don’t like change” I tell him.

“Hmmm” He hums before falling silent for a few seconds, I watch his brows furrow before he speaks again.

“Do you want us” He asks,

“I don’t know” I tell him honestly. Everything has changed in such a short amount of time, my entire life has changed. He goes to say something when I hear the front door open and close. I look to my bedroom door and Cyrus lets me go.

“Eli is back” He says and I nod about to walk out when Cyrus stops me pulling me back to him. He kisses me, his lips moulding around my own as he pulls me closer. I k**s him back wrapping my arms around his neck and standing on my tippy toes. He pulls back before kissing my forehead.

“Just trust us, trust that we will look after you Addie and things will get better I promise” He whispers just as Eli walks into the room.

“Are you in a better mood?” Eli asks stepping behind me, his hands going to my hips.

“I’m sorry I hit you” I told him.

“Your sister is downstairs” He says and I let go of Cyrus before turning around, Eli lets me pass and l walk downstairs. My sister was sitting at the table. She looked horrible and tears streaked her face. Her eyes are all puffy and red from crying and her clothes all wrinkled.

“Taylor?” I ask, wondering why she is crying.

“Addie, Ethan is d**d” She says and I s*****w the words I was about to say. It was clear she was sober, having been in gaol for the last two days but she looked so withdrawn and terrible. Now seeing her like this though broke my heart she truly thought she loved Ethan.

“Eli took me past his house. It’s gone Ada they are all d**d” She says before breaking down again.

“I know I did tell you, you must have forgotten,” I tell her, walking over to her and sitting next to her.

“I thought you were lying so I wouldn’t go back but he is really gone” She says sobbing into my shoulder.


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