Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 39

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 39 – Sam stands up when he notices me before walking over to me.

“You must be freezing,” he says, looking down at my b**e feet.

“I can’t stay long they might wake up”

“They’re at your place?” I nod.

“I was talking to my boss we might be able to do something to get rid of your mark”

“You told your boss about them?”

“If you sit down, I will explain Addie” he says and I sit down Sam looks around nervously.

“I don’t work for no tech company Addie, your father didn’t work for anyone either”

My father, Sam, never met my father so why did he mention him?

“My father, what’s he got to do with any of this?”

“Your father worked with mine, I knew your dad he was a good man, he was also a hunter like me”

“A hunter?”

“Yes we are raised to hunt down the likes of them, usually the oldest of each generation takes over for their parents when they turn 18. You’re father would have introduced you to our world when you were old enough like my father did”

“Wait that makes no sense Sam, my dad died in a f***k accident”

“A f***k accident where they never found the body?” He says making me think. So much didn’t make sense about his d***h but I couldn’t believe he would keep this from my mother and us.

“He was k****d by a vampire, Addie” he says, making my head snap toward him.

“You wanted to know why I came back, it was because of your bosses. I have been back for awhile. We had been trying to track them for months, this is the first time they have stayed this long so I was sent back to see why. Then I noticed you started working for them”

“Wait why are you tracking them”

“We like to keep tabs on them, make sure they don’t slip up. If they do, we step in, as long as they control themselves we usually don’t seek them out, we leave them be. Well until I found out you’re their mate”

“So you know what mates are?” Sam nods cocking his to the side looking at my neck. I pull my hair forward, covering it not liking the way he stared at it.

He drops in front me, placing his hands on my t****s bending down in front of me.

“I can help you be free of them Addie, before your bond kicks in. As long Cyrus hasn’t marked you, the bond can be reversed” he says.

“How?” I ask, none of this really made sense,

“A witch gave me this, we have a few that work for us. You only have to drink it” he says, producing a small vial from his pocket. He handed it to me, the yellow liquid inside was shimmering.

“What is it?”

“Not sure exactly but it worked before the witch said, my boss also confirmed it works. You drink that then the bond breaks and you’re free to be with me. They will leave you alone after that” he says leaning forward while I examine the vial in my fingers, my eyes snap to his.

I pull back realising he was going to k**s me. “Eli will feel it, if you k**s me Sam” I tell him.

“Let him, I want you Addie. I always have wanted you, we can be together, Addie. I love you” he whispers before grabbing the back of my neck with his hand. His lips crashing down on mine, soft yet demanding as I feel his tongue move between my parted lips. I k**s him back yet don’t feel the same sort of feeling I get when I am near Eli and Cyrus. I loved Sam always have, but now with them in the picture this felt different, my feelings felt different…

Sam Deepens the k**s with his other hand going to my lower back as he pulls me up from the bench and closer to him.

I suddenly hear a loud growl making me jump and I pull away from him. Eli was leaning against the railing watching us. Sam however wasn’t afraid of him which I thought odd because I was terrified of the look on Eli’s face.

“Addie come here” Eli growls. I do what he says worried he will hurt him when Sam grabs my hand.

“You don’t have to go with him, Addie” Sam says looking down at me. He takes the vial from my hand and holds it up. Eli’s eyes flick to it before I hear a thunderous noise erupt from his chest that makes my blood run cold, Sam passes the vial back to me.

Eli lunges at him grabbing him by his shirt and slamming him down on the concrete. I scream rushing over only to be stopped when arms snake around my waist yanking me away from them.

Looking over my shoulder, I see Cyrus had grabbed me.

“Eli don’t hurt him please” I cry and he growls.

“He can’t even if he wanted to Addie, he kills me, he will have the entire organisation after them. Isn’t that right Eli Colten?” Sam taunts him.

Eli stops letting his first drop and slams him into the ground before getting up, he stalks toward me before grabbing the vial from my hand and emptying the contents on the ground. Sam sits up. A devious smile on his lips. Cyrus’ breath on my neck makes me shiver and his arm around my waist tightens.

“Take her home” Eli tells Cyrus and I feel myself get pulled away.

“No wait” Cyrus growls behind me, his breath on my neck making goosebumps rise.

“No more Addie, you fight us on this. I will let Eli k**l him” Cyrus says. I give Sam one more panicked look.

“Go Addie, don’t worry you will see me again,” Sam says before his eyes dart toward Eli when he takes a step closer to him.


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