Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 38

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 38 – Geez there it is again, that strange bubbling in my veins when I realise it wasn’t my anger but his, I think? My brows furrow and I look toward Cyrus’ he was watching from where he was leaning on the doorway. I go back to my desk flopping down in my seat.

“Are you going with Cyrus or are you staying now?” Eli says, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration before sighing loudly.

I say nothing instead, looking at my computer screen.

“You deal with her Cyrus, she is driving me nuts” he says before walking into his office and slamming the door. Cyrus walks over sitting on the edge of my desk between my legs.

“You two feed off each other’s emotions, you getting angry makes him get angry and vice a versa”

“Yeah well he doesn’t have to be so controlling, I just want my life back” I tell him, folding my arms across my chest and glaring at him. Cyrus raises an eyebrow at me.

“That’s not going to happen, until you realise that Addie, things are just going to get harder for you. We only want what’s best for you”

“Yeah, well you have a funny way of showing it when your trying to make me leave my family”

“Once the mate bond kicks in you will understand” I roll my eyes at their invisible bond.

“And why would that make me understand”

“Because you will feel the same way we feel about you, you will understand why we won’t leave without you”

“Looks like your staying then because bond or mates whatever it is, won’t make me change my mind about leaving my family”

Cyrus growls and goosebumps rise on my arms before he grips my chin. “Would you like a repeat of earlier?” He asks. Arousal flooded me at his words, making me remember how turned on it made me, the throb between my legs returning and I pressed my legs together. His eyes darted down and his lips tug up slyly.

“And you think the bond won’t work on you? That we have no effect on you?” He leans closer, so close his lips brush mine as he speaks.

“Yet I can smell your arousal, smell how much you want me to touch you” he whispers against my lips before I feel his tongue trace across my bottom lip before he s***s it into his mouth, making me m**n softly. I j**k back at my reaction to him. He chuckles before getting up and walking off back to his office.

I shake my head trying to get rid of the strange sensation that just rolled over me, my body feeling foreign to me.

When the day ends I sit spinning in my chair waiting for them to finish up when Cyrus and Eli walk out.

“Finally I am so b****y bored” I tell them standing up.

“We still have a few more hours,” Eli says and I stop.

“I’m joking, Addie we are going home” he says holding his hand out to me. I grab it, tingles running up the inside of my arm.

“Wait, are we going back to my place?”

“It’s up to you, I am happy anywhere,” Cyrus says.

“I want to go check on my mum and see if she knows what’s going on with Taylor”

“Then your place it is then” Eli says just as the elevator doors open. I step inside and press the button before taking my shoes off. My feet were k*****g.

Eli drops Cyrus and I off before leaving to go get a change of clothes. Walking inside, my mother was reading while Maya was sitting on the floor drawing in her sketch pad.

“Any news?”

“They are holding her till they can get her before a judge,” my mother says.

“Did she try to ring you?”

“Not yet but she will when she can get bail” my mother says which is the only time we ever hear from her is to bail her out.

“Did you see Ethan’s house burnt down, he along with 8 others died. Said a meth lab blew up” my mother says clearly forgetting that I told my sister this morning.

“Yeah seen it on the news last night before I left”

“Feel terrible for his parents, he used to be a good kid” my mother says.

“Used to be mum,” I tell her.

“Life is a life no matter the dislike for their life choices Addie” my mother says when it gets me thinking, I turn to look at Cyrus who was suddenly unusually quiet.

I nod turning to look at him.

“Oh Cyrus dear lovely to see you, didn’t see you there you were so quiet”

“Just listening is all, hungry I will order pizzas” he says and Maya looks up excitedly.

“Cheese pizza?”

“Whatever pizza you like Maya” he says, giving her a wink.

“Sure I don’t feel like cooking anyway” my mother says, hopping up and going to the kitchen. She grabs a bottle of wine and some glasses.

“Drink Cyrus?”

“No, I’m good,” he says, taking his phone out. “Addie?” My mother asks holding the wine bottle up.

“No ma not tonight” I told her.

“Since when do you knock back a drink? Very well more for me” she states and I chuckle.

Eli returns carrying three pizza’s. We watched a few family movies relaxing in comfortable silence. I put Maya to bed at 8pm tucking her in. My mother puts herself to bed a little tipsy making me laugh as she staggered to her room.

“What time do you start tomorrow?” I ask her.

“7am” she calls back.

“I will wake you” I call to her and she hums back.

“Are you both staying tonight?” I ask and they nod. I get up and they follow me to my bedroom. Grabbing some clothes I walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower. I shower quickly before hopping out and grabbing them towels. Walking into the room I see Eli only wearing shorts.

“Showered before coming back,” I nod but Cyrus grabs one of the towels from me pecking me on the cheek before walking toward the bathroom. I wait for Eli to turn around only he doesn’t. Instead, watching me, a smirk on his gorgeous face before he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Are you going to get dressed,”

“Can you turn around?” I ask.

“No, I have a good view,” he says. I roll my eyes before walking over and grabbing an oversized shirt and pulling it over my towel before slipping my panties underneath the towel and pulling them up.

I remove the towel and Eli seems annoyed. “We will see you eventually”

“You already saw my a*s you are not seeing nothing else” I tell him.

“We’ll see,” Eli says, pulling the blanket back. I climb in next him remaining on the edge so I don’t have to climb over them when I sneak out later. After a few minutes Cyrus comes in climbing over me and dropping between Eli and I. I reach up flicking off the lamp before rolling in to my back.

“Did you do something to Ethan?” I ask. Neither of them say anything and I roll over facing Cyrus. I could just make out his face from the hallway light seeping into the room that we leave on for Maya.

“You did, didn’t you?”

“Does that upset you?” Cyrus asks,

“Not really actually I hate what they did to my sister, though she made her choices for someone who claims to love her he enabled it” I say wondering if that makes me a bad person for not caring he was d**d.

Cyrus nods. “Go to sleep, Addie,” he says and I close my eyes, rolling back to face the bedroom door.

I waited for them to fall asleep even. I waited longer till it was 11:40pm before quietly hoping out of bed. Cyrus rolled while I stood frozen on the spot to see if he would wake.

I Chuck on some pants and grab my jumper before walking downstairs. Every noise and creak under my feet makes me hold my breath wondering if they heard it.

Getting to the front door I quickly open it before gently pulling the door shut behind me. The soccer fields were at the end of my street backing on to the wetlands. The ground felt cold under my feet as l walked across my neighbours dew-covered lawns.

Coming to the end of the street I see Sam’s car but he wasn’t inside it, I head for the grandstands. Sam was sitting on one of the benches.


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