Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 34

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 34 – I follow Eli to the car, he refuses to let me drive so I climb in the passenger seat clipping in my belt. The entire drive home was awkward and silent.

“I don’t get it, how come Sam doesn’t have to be guarded for knowing what you are?” I ask as we pull onto my street. Eli growls but says nothing.

“How does he know?” I wonder out loud.

“Doesn’t matter you won’t be seeing him again” Eli says, parking the car.

“You can’t tell me who I can and can’t see” I tell him reaching for the door handle when he pulls me back.

“You are ours Addie, you won’t be going near him or I will k**l him”

“Whatever, what are you going to do, give him fleas?” I spit back at him. He growls, grabbing my arm and pulling me closer.

“You would do well not to provoke me Adde, if I had my way you would be locked in our house in Soya so do well to remember that” He says before letting me go. I get out of the car shutting the door and heading for the door.

I hold my hand out for my keys but he doesn’t hand them to me instead unlocking the door before stopping and turning to me while I glare at him.

“Lose the attitude, or I will take you home, so which is it?” He says gripping my chin and forcing me to look at him. I fight the urge to roll my eyes.

“Like I thought, now quiet everyone is asleep” He says pushing the door open. I walked in and the house was in complete darkness. Eli grabs my hand walking through the house with ease toward my bedroom before opening the door.

“That you Adeline?” I hear my mother call out from her room down the hall. I walk to her door opening it.

“Yeah ma” I tell her.

“Taylor has been up a few times, I gave her some sleeping pills. Maya knows she is here” My mother says tiredly.

“I can stay up with her” I tell her, but my mother shakes her head.

“No, she leaves, she leaves. Honestly, I am just tired of it, we can’t help if she doesn’t want help. We will see how she is in the morning if she hasn’t snuck out” She says.

“Ada?” I hear Maya’s soft voice behind me as she walks down the hall rubbing her eyes cuddling into her plushie.

“Hey did I wake you?” I ask her and she nods as I pick her up.

“Is Mr Eli staying here?” She yawns.

“Eli is here?” My mother asks and he pushes the door open slightly giving her a wave.

“Hi Debbie,” He says.

“Just try not to be too loud in there” She tells him and he chuckles.

“Noted” He says as my mother lays down flicking her lamp off.

“Come I will tuck you back in” I tell Maya.

“I want to s********h grandma” She says and Eli opens her door. My mother hears Maya and pulls the blanket back and I place her in bed with her before kissing her head and walking out. Eli walks back to my room while I go to the spare bedroom cracking the door open and looking in.

My sister was still asleep and I quietly closed the door before walking back to my room. Eli hangs his suit on the back of the door in my wardrobe.

I grab my pyjamas out of the drawer before heading to the bathroom to get changed before returning. Eli was sitting on the end of my bed with only his shorts on. I pull the blanket back climbing in bed and moving over closer to the wall.

“Keep your hands to yourself” I tell him, turning and facing away from him. He doesn’t listen instead laying down and pulling me against him, the heat of his body seeping into me.

He sighs. “You will have to get used to sleeping in our bed anyway, there will be touching” He states ignoring me trying to wriggle away from him instead pulling me closer.

The next morning I wake to arguing, my sister and mother screaming the place down and I wake with a jolt. Eli moved so quickly he was dressed in a matter of seconds while I bolted for the door knowing exactly how violent my sister could become when she came down off d***s. Running past a screaming Maya, I run down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Give me the keys mum” Taylor screams at her, she was only in her underwear and a singlet, my mother was on one side of the table and my sister was screaming on the other side.

“Enough you are scaring Maya” I call out. My sister turned her attention to me.

“This is your fault, why would you bring me here. Give me your keys Adeline now, I am going back home” She screams before stalking toward me. D***s had ruined her, her fits of rage unpredictable.

She hits me and I shove her back. Maya screams and I see out of the corner of my eye Eli picks her up before walking away. Taylor grabbed my hair, making me scream out. My mother raced over trying to separate us.

“Stop it, let her go Taylor” My mother screeches out of breath.

“Give me the f*****g keys and I will be gone”

“He is d**d Taylor” I scream at her and she lets go of me.

“You f*****g lying b***h” She says her hand connecting with my cheek. I could feel her handprint welting in my skin.

“That’s it Taylor I am calling the police I am done with this s**t” My mother tells her walking toward the phone on the side table. My sister grabs her, ripping her back and I hit her. My mother fell to the ground and landed on her hip. My sister stumbled back from the hit before she charged at me. Eli grabs her just before she punches me.

She turns on him instantly.


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