Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 3

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 3 – Troy was standing next to the foyer desk, arms folded over his chest wearing an ugly green polka dotted tie and a blue suit, his jacket not able to button up over his pod belly. Slowing my pace, I groaned when I knew I was busted yet again coming in late. Bella gives me a sympathetic smile pretending to be doing something on the computer.

“Adeline this is the hundredth time you have been late” Troy scolds me as I approach the desk.

“Bit dramatic there Troy, I haven’t even worked here a hundred days yet” | retorted. His eyes narrow, he has made my life h**l since being here, not my fault I got the job over his niece. The man was determined to get me fired or make me quit.

His balding head and comb over making his angry red face brighter, as it turns a shade darker in his anger. He technically can’t fire me, but he is great at whining to the bosses upstairs and getting me reprimanded, if it weren’t for Mason upstairs, I am fairly sure I would have been fired the third time I was late. Mason was a little sweet on me, it was cute, but he definitely wasn’t my type. I’m not sure I really have a type, but I know he ain’t it, if I do.

Troy’s grey eyes dart behind me and he straightens up, removing his arm from the top of the desk. I look over my shoulder and see the g*d like men, I was trapped in the elevator with. Both of them walked towards us with confused looks on their gorgeous faces. They both oozed authorityTroy instantly turning nervous which in turn made me nervous. He straightens out his suit, wiping his hands on his pants.

“MR Eli and Cyrus Colten, lovely to see you’re in today” Troy says, using his brown noser voice. Wait, that’s them, S**t. I was trapped in the elevator with the owners of the company, and I flipped them off, I am so fired

I turned, forcing a smile on my face that I knew looked pained or constipated. I wasn’t sure.

“Troy come see me upstairs” The man with red eyes says, his tone harsh not even glancing at me. The other man watched me carefully before stepping forward. “What is your name?” He asks, his voice deep and rough. Great, I am definitely fired.

Addeline Sir” | sputter, his lips turning up in the corners before he nods turning to the other man who was watching me again with that intimidating look on his face. I felt like prey when he stared at me like that, like a cornered little mouse. One thing I knew for sure is, I wanted to stay the h**l away from them. They are intimidating, there was something severely off about them, blood chilling and spine tingling off about them, especially the one with the red eyes.

My heart was pounding in my chest so hard, I was surprised everyone couldn’t hear it as they walked past. Their cold demeanours setting off my anxiety and putting my brain into overdrive.

“Yes, Cyrus, sir I will be right up” Troy stutters nervously to the man with red eyes, also clearly

intimidated by him. So, the scarier looking one was named Cyrus so that would mean the man who asked my name must be Eli. Troy turns and glares at me, pointing his finger before he g****s knowing he can’t leave the men waiting, he turns on his heel and stalks off toward the other elevator

I let out the breath I was holding before ducking behind the counter and putting my bag in the drawer.

“You were in an elevator with Cyrus and Eli Colten, d**n those men are fine, but so scary” Bella says, fanning herself with a piece of paper dramatically. Her auburn hair blowing over her shoulder.

“Indeed, they are. I am fairly sure; I am about to be fired or found in an alleyway m******d by them

“What? What did you do?” She squeaks out nervously, glancing at the now closed foyer Elevator they disappeared into.

* First of all I cut them off on the way here and gave them the finger when they honked their horn. Then I stopped their elevator and they heard me on the phone to you and I” I facepalm myself, internally cringing. “I told I think Cyrus Troy said his name was, that he had nice contact lenses”

*Contact lenses?” Bella chuckles, her green eyes sparkling with humour.

“Yeah, he must be wearing contacts. No one has red eyes and I swear I saw them change or ! am losing it”

“Red eyes?” Bella says, shaking her head and I nod knowing I am right about them being contacts, there was no other explanation.

“So what sort of flowers do you like?” Bella asks, making me look at her. Huh?

“For your grave, you better hope they don’t recognise you for cutting them off, they will destroy you” She says and I thought she was joking, but the nervous look on her face scared the c**p out of me.

“You wouldn’t be the first girl to go running from their wrath out of this building” She adds, making my stomach drop, great just great.

The morning goes by quickly in a blur of answering phones and taking messages. Troy suddenly waltzes over to the desk, with a huge triumphant grin on his face. He leans on the desk looking down at me before reaching down and taking the phone from my ear and hanging it up.

“You are so screwed,” He says in a sing-song voice.

“Why is that Troy?” | ask, bored of his annoying little games. How does he even have a job here? I am yet to see him actually do anything that resembles work.

“Grab your stuff” He says, not giving me any indication of what is going on. I pick up the phone only for him to take it from me again and hang it up.

“I am busy Troy, go annoy someone else” I tell him, jotting down a message I was listening to on the voicemail before he hung the phone up on me the first time.

“You don’t work here anymore” He says with a big Cheshire cat grin on his face, his beady eyes sparkling with mischief.

“What?” I ask worried. I can’t lose this job, I have my twin sister’s daughter to help raise, my mother is going to k**l me if I get fired right now especially with my sister doing runner from the rehab clinic and dumping her kid on us.

“I said grab your stuff, you are moving upstairs” He repeats.

“Upstairs?” | ask, wouldn’t that be a promotion then? I thought to myself but the sly grin on his face made me nervous, I had a bad feeling whatever was happening, I wasn’t going to like it.

“Oh, you think I am an a*****e wait till you see who your new bosses are” he drawls. Oh no, I pushed the old fool too far, what has he gone and done now?

“Who?” I ask and Bella stands up also looking at him worriedly as she chews on the end of her pen trying to figure out what was going on.

“Grab your stuff now, or I will fire that tight little a*s of yours for good” He says, looking around the corner of my desk and staring at my bubble butt. Ew gross.

And I will have your a*s for s****l harassment” | spit at him, grossed out as he l***s his old dried out lips. G*d this old creeper infuriated me. Bella was glaring daggers at him. I grab my bag and step around the desk following him to the elevator. The doors close and he stands silently smiling. I wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face. He hits the 12th floor button and my stomach drops, plummeting somewhere deep inside me.

12th floor? My heart starts racing and I feel like I am about to have a panic a****k. He can’t be serious. Troy smiles brighter at my panic while I feel on the verge of throwing up.


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