Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 26

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 26 – Adeline Paisley POV

Waking up, I had a sense of Deja vu again, like I was missing something. I try to remember the last thing I remember but the details were fuzzy I remember meeting Sam, we had dinner, then we went back to his place had a few drinks I think, though the memory was there it didn’t feel right I certainly didn’t feel like I had s*x, as I rolled, I also don’t remember driving home, though I do remember seeing my front door, did Sam bring me home?

I sit up stretching pain radiating through my neck as I stretch and I touch the skin it felt bumping and raised and stung to touch, I look at my clock and it says it is 9 AM. I get up heading for the bathroom, I quickly pee before washing my hands and wetting my face and looking in the mirror. I gasp at what I see. I have a huge round mark on my neck, I rub it and it stings trying to wash it off. What the f**k like Sam is into some kinky s**t but that what the f**k! I race back to my room,

“Adeline are you home?” My mother calls out.

“Yes mum” I call back grabbing my phone and I dial Sam’s number. It doesn’t even ring just says his phone has been disconnected. What the f**k, he bites me then changes his number? I am going to f*****g k**l him.

My mother walks into my room and I turn facing her as she brings in some laundry from the dryer.

“How was your night, oh my f*****g g*d what happened to your neck!” She squeals, rushing over and tugging my top away.

“Sam bit you?” She asks.

“I don’t remember, I remember meeting him, I sure as h**l don’t remember him becoming a cannibal and taking f*****g bite” I tell her looking in my mirror.

“You need to let me clean that before it gets infected honey, why would you let him do that, so many bacteria in the mouth?” She says her nurse side taking over as she examines it.

“I didn’t mum, and don’t you worry, I will be giving him a piece of my mind when I see him again” I tell her, and she nods.

Dropping the washing basket of folded clothes on the end of my bed. I will fetch the first aid kit, meet me in the kitchen” She says walking back out. I groan, how the h**l was I going to hide that for work. I pull off my wrinkled clothes, put on some yoga pants and a singlet. I try Sam’s phone again, but it keeps coming up that it has been disconnected.

Walking downstairs I sit on the stool, my mother comes over dabbing the mark with some Dettol, I hiss as it burns.

“I’m sorry, gosh its deep for a bite mark” She mutters shaking her head before covering it with some non-stick gauze.

“Really Addie, this is just strange for him to do, has he bitten you like this before?” She asks and l shake my head, Sam was into some weird things, but biting wasn’t one of them, he was more the pull your hair and strangle you type, not f*****g devour you literally.

“I think maybe, you might need to look elsewhere, this isn’t right” My mother says, and I have to agree with her, yet I just don’t remember anything and that was bothering me more. Because of the huge a*s bite mark I end up staying home all weekend praying it heals before Monday. We lazed around the house watching movies. Maya was still sick with the Flu though my mother was feeling much better thanks to the cold and flu tablets she brought.

Monday morning though when I haul my a*s out of bed, I was relieved to find the mark nearly gone, faded but I could tell it was going to scar, great just what I needed. I pull on my black slacks and button up shirt along with my blazer, choosing to leave my hair down to cover the horrendous mark on my neck that stood out like a sore thumb. I drop Maya off on my way to work before pulling up in the top car park and catching the lift up to my floor.

I tried ringing Sam off the work phone thinking maybe it might just be my phone, no luck the phone disconnected which I thought was a little odd. I will just have to go see him one night after work and demand to know what happened. The fact that he has changed his number was a little worrying, did l do something wrong?

“Hello Addie,” Cyrus says creeping up behind me. I was so consumed with my troubled thought I didn’t hear the elevator signalling their arrival. I spin around and face him. Something was different about them, Cyrus leans in closer a smirk on his lips his manly smell making me lean in closer before he clears his throat, his hand moving to my neck, as his thumb brushes my jaw line, sparks rushing across my skin making me gasp and my brows furrow.

I was completely struck by him, I have always been attracted to them, but something was different, I feared them, yet I couldn’t bring myself to move away.

“Now that is the sort of reaction I have been wanting from you” He whispers leaning in, his lips brush mine softly and I m**n as his tongue slips into my mouth, he pressed himself against me and I feel my panties dampen with arousal. The phone rang, snapping me out of the weird trance I was in and I jumped, pushing him back confused. Why did I just let him do that? He watches me stepping back as l rush around my desk to answer the phone, dropping it on the desk with my butter fingers in flustered state. Cyrus grabs it, handing it to me a smirk on his lips as I take it from him, and I find myself struck once again by his beautiful caramel eyes.

“Are you going to answer it?” He says, raising an eyebrow at me and I shake my head stuttering as I answer the phone. I hear him chuckle before he walks off in the direction of his office when I notice Eli was also standing in the foyer watching us. I felt my face heat up at my reaction to him, feeling guilty that that was the second time I had let him k**s me, the second time Eli had caught me with his husband.

What the f**k was going on I felt like my life was slowly falling apart, I wasn’t able to wrap my head around everything that was going on, first I lose an entire night and can’t relay anything, Sam bites me then changes his number, then I have been daydreaming about my bosses all day and have literally got no work done and can barely focus being around them which they seem to be enjoying. What the f**k was going on with me. I might need to speak to my mother. Maybe I was starting to lose my marbles, finally breaking.


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