Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 19

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 19 – “Morning Addie” He says, and I nod to him before handing him his coffee. I turn the phones over choosing to ignore them, they eventually get the picture and leave, as I settle behind my desk and turn the computer on. The morning goes by quickly, my phone ringing just as I am about to go to lunch. Sam’s number popping up on my screen. I smiled quickly answering it, I hadn’t spoken to him in over a month as he was away for work.

‘Hello stranger, ‘ I tell him as I answer.

“Hey Ada, I am back in the city” He tells me just as Cyrus walks out of his office, I feel my lips tug up at hearing his voice, we had been friends for a few years, the sort of friends with s****l benefits yet not in actual relationship, neither of us wanted that but the s*x was good and there were no strings attached, we met through a mutual friend and hit it off. We used to meet up each week before he left the county to go overseas for his job.

“I can see that, or you wouldn’t be ringing” I tell him.

“Tomorrow night, Morgan’s diner, the usual time?” He asks.

“Sounds good, I will see you then. I gotta go, my boss is coming” I tell him quickly hanging up, before I get in trouble for using my phone.

“Personal calls aren’t allowed” Cyrus says, eyeing me, a strange look on his face.

“Yeah, that’s not going to work, what if my mother needs me or my nieces school rings, I won’t ignore those calls” I tell him.

“Give them the office number then,” He says, staring at my phone before picking it up. I go to take it from him when he pulls his hand away clicking my phone screen on.

“Tell me who you were on the phone to” He asks, looking down at me. I don’t bother knowing he is going through my call log anyway.

“I don’t get why I can’t use my mobile up here” I tell him, shaking my head.

“It doesn’t matter, you should be working not chatting to this Sam person” He says locking my phone screen and handing it back to me. I take it, placing it in my bag.

“File these, and then come to my office please” He says handing me some papers. I grab them, looking them over before nodding and walking to the printer to scan them into the system before putting the hard copy in the filing cabinets in the printing room. Going back to my computer I put the scanned document into its designated file.

Going to his office I knock, and he tells me to come in. Walking in he was standing by the window looking down at the street below, the city bustling at this hour of the day.

“What’s up?” I ask and he motions for me to sit down and I do while he remains standing, folding his arms across his chest, looking down at me.

“We will be moving to Soya City soon; Eli and I, want you to come with us” He says, my mouth falling open at his words. I was not leaving, though my job would sure be easier without them here and having to put up with their antics.

“I’m not moving” I tell him, and he raises an eyebrow.

“If you say this is in my contract, I will be fleeing the city” I warn him.

“It’s not though we should have had that added” He says before sitting on the end of his desk in front of me.

“Great glad we cleared that up” I tell him, getting up from my seat when he leans forward putting his hands on either side of it stopping me.

“We aren’t leaving without you; you will be coming” I shake my head.

“Probably won’t be for another month, to give you time to come around to the idea” He says.

“I’m not leaving, you can use that month to come around to that idea” I tell him.

He sighs sitting back and the door opens behind me Eli walking in.

“We will pay off your mothers mortgage, all her debts including the debts you have from your sister” Eli says, making me look at him.

“Just think about it, Addie” Eli says.

“The answer will still be no, I have Maya. I am her legal guardian” I tell him.

“Bring her then” He says.

“I can’t take her from her life here, or my mother. She would be lonely. No, my answer is not going to change Eli”

“You will change your mind; we won’t go without you”

“I am sure you can find someone else to work for you over there” I tell him.

“We don’t want anyone else, only you,” Cyrus says, and I shake my head.

“You can leave early, think over what we said Addie, your family could use the help” He says like that would make me change my mind, I just don’t understand their fascination with me, it was bordering on stalkerish, no scrap that, it was stalkerish, alarm bells going off in my head.

Grabbing my bag, I head down to my car. This is the third time they have let me leave early, so I don’t understand why they need an assistant when I hardly have to do anything besides the few tasks they have set out for me. Most of the time, I sit bored in the office just answering phones.

Walking down I see Bella, she waves excitedly, and I realise I hadn’t seen her in ages because our start and finish times are so different.

“Adeline, wait up I am about to go on break, come get lunch with me” She calls, and I stop at her desk. She grabs her handbag and I wait deciding I would go with her, it would be good to see a friendly face.


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