Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 18

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 18 – I walk to the train station, finding a cab. I realised I left my suitcase in their car. I caught a cab home. Unlocking the door to the house. I rush to my room dumping my things and grabbing my towel before rushing to the bathroom.

“Addie is that you?” My mother calls out from Maya’s room.

“Yeah, Ma it’s just me, having a shower” I call back before walking and closing the door. I need to clean myself up before she starts asking questions, I was legally bound not to give her. My entire life was falling apart, and I didn’t know how to fix it or what to do. The worst part was, I couldn’t tell anyone without the worry of being sued. I didn’t want to go back to them, the thought scared me.

I was in the shower for a while lost in my thoughts, my mother knocking on the door, “Adeline is everything alright you have been in there awhile” She asks. I shut the taps off, grabbing my towel.

“Yes, everything is fine, my back is sore is all” I tell her not wanting to open the door while she was on the other side. My mother had this ability to read me like an open book and would know instantly something was up.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” She asked again, I wasn’t alright. I was far from alright and I now had to go back to them, endure them tomorrow.

“Yep, everything is great” I lie glad she can’t see me.

Getting up in the morning, I get dressed. My mother was still feeling sick with the flu so she said she would drop Maya off at school for me. The doorbell rings as I walk downstairs grabbing my handbag.

I hear my mother’s startled voice as she answers the door, my heart skipping a beat when I walk down the hall seeing Eli standing there.

“I’m her boss” Eli explains with his eyes going to me walking toward him. My mother turns around looking at me, her nose red and eyes puffy as she motions toward him.

“Your boss is here honey,” She says. I nod, wondering why the h**l he was here; they start after me usually.

My mother sends him a smile and I walk past her, closing the door behind me. I look down the driveway and don’t see his car,

“Why are you here?” I ask walking toward my car and hitting the button to unlock it. My headlights flashing signally, it was now unlocked. I climb in the driver seat.

“Cyrus dropped me off here on his way, I wanted to make sure you weren’t going to try and skip town” he says, opening the passenger door. He stops looking down the side of my car at the huge scrape.

“Should I be worried about getting in a car with you?” He asks, a silly grin on his face before he gets in.

“No, my car had a fight with a bollard in your parking lot,” I tell him.

“What did the bollard do to you?” He asks with a smile on his lips and I realise, that is the first time l had seen him actually smile.

“It got in my way when I was running late” I tell him, backing out of my driveway. I pull onto the street driving toward work. Traffic was painfully slow, and I saw Eli fiddling with his phone, he looked squished sitting in the front of my little car.

“The seat goes further back, there is a lever under the seat” I tell him, he looks down and pulls it adjusting the seat giving himself more room.

“coffee?” I ask as I pull up at the cafe, I stop at every morning on the way to work. Eli nods and I get out expecting him to wait when he gets out of the car to, following me inside. I order coffee, knowing already what he drinks considering, I am their coffee b***h in the office. I go to hand him some cash when Eli hands the man his card and orders Cyrus one.

We wait for my name to be called. “You over your tantrum” Eli asks, typing away on his screen.

“Don’t think someone having their house held as ransom and being upset over it could be classed as a tantrum” I tell him.

“Regardless it’s in the past, you just need to come around to the idea of being ours” Elii says putting his phone in his pocket.

“I’m not anyone’s, why do you keep saying that?”

“You are and always will be, we want you Addie. In every way possible” He says confusing me.

“What do you mean, stop speaking so cryptic” I tell him, and he chuckles. Stepping closer and grabbing my hand. Sparks move across my palm and I try to pull my hand away from him.

“You two really need to get checked over, both you keep b****y electrocuting me” I tell him, giving up on trying to get him to release my hand.

He laughs and my name gets called. He lets go of my hand while I retrieve the coffees in their cardboard cups on a little tray. I walk back toward the car, propping the tray on the roof of my car and unlocking the door and placing my bag inside. Standing back up, I notice Eli wasn’t in his seat before jumping when his hand touches my lower back, making me spin around.

“I don’t think you understand when I say we want you” He says making goosebumps rise on my skin and I spin around. His hand on the top of my door, the other now on my hip.

“Oh, I understand perfectly well and it’s not going to happen, I am not sleeping with you, I am not some p********e” I tell him, before sitting in my seat. He looks down at me with a smile on his lips before handing me the cup tray. I place it on the dash as he closes my door. He walks around the other side and I hand him the tray before starting up the car and driving to work. Eli takes me to a different elevator, one I hadn’t been on before; I hadn’t even been on this level of the parking lot before. He presses a button and I find it leads straight to the top floor, a private elevator making me wonder why they used the other one the day I met them.

Eli answering my thoughts. “It was down the day we met you, only got repaired this morning” He says, and I nod wondering why he thought he needed to explain himself. When we got to our floor, I stepped out, Cyrus was sitting on my desk waiting for us.


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