Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 17

Read Fated to Them by Jessica Hall Chapter 17 – “That document, you’re under contract for the natural term of your life” Cyrus says, flicking to a page and pointing to it. I read it. ‘The signee of this contract will hereby work and work exclusively for Mr Cyrus and Elijah Colten indefinitely, failure or breach of this contract, the signee relinquishes all assets to the company’ I gasp, I would never have signed this, what person in their right mind would.

“I will fight it in court, no judge would agree to this being upheld” I tell them.

“With what money, we will clean you out long before it ever gets before a judge, we own you now, you belong to us, we can do whatever we want with you. If you fail to comply, Addeline, I will ruin your family’s life as they know it” Cyrus threatens me. I look between them shocked that they could be so cruel.

“Not to mention, I will make sure you are unemployable in the future,” Eli says, sitting on the edge of his desk and folding his arms across his chest.

“Why are you doing this, what have I done to you?” I ask with tears filling my eyes.

“Nothing you are ours and I won’t allow you to leave us” Eli states like it’s so obvious.

“That doesn’t even make sense”

“It will in time, you will eventually come around to the idea once the mate bond kicks in” Cyrus tells me, making me furrow my brows.

“MATE BOND?” I scream, what the f**k is a mate bond? I wonder to myself, making a mental note to g****e it when I get home.

“You will understand in time, none of that matters right now. What matters is you are not quitting, and you will continue to work for us” Eli tells me.

My tears spill over at his words and Cyrus takes a step forward reaching out his hand, none of this makes sense, what they are doing makes no sense.

“Don’t touch me” I tell him when he tries to grab my hand.

“Addie?” Eli says his voice softens before he walks over to me. I flinch back from him when he suddenly pulls me against his chest hugging me.

“Don’t cry” He whispers soothingly, they were crazy both of them were. How could they expect anyone to be alright with this? I pushed him away.

“We will take care of you Addie, you will be good with us, you’ll see in time” Cyrus says when it hits me, this has to be Eli’s way of getting back at me for kissing his husband.

“Is this because of last night, I told you I didn’t mean to do that. Please Eli don’t do this, that is not my house it’s my mother’s”

“It has nothing to do with last night, I told you I don’t care about him kissing you” Eli says, Cyrus smirks beside him making me look over at him.

“Well obviously you do because now you’re pulling this s**t” I tell him holding up the folder. He takes the folder dumping it on the desk before gripping my wrists and pulling me to him. He grabs my face before kissing me, his tongue tracing my bottom lip wanting access but I refuse. Shaking my head when he bites down on my lip, s*****g it in his mouth. My lips parted slightly and he used that opportunity to force his tongue in my mouth. I tried shoving him back, but it was like shoving a brick wall, His mouth was hot against mine, as he tasted every inch of my mouth while I tried to shove him away.

“He won’t stop till you k**s him back, Addie” Cyrus says behind me as I struggle against him trying to pry my face away from his lips that were assaulting me before giving up, my body going stiff yet he didn’t stop and I give in to what Cyrus said and I k**s him back before biting his lip hard, hard enough to make it bleed. He lets go, gripping my hair and making me yelp in pain as my roots pull painfully from my scalp. He yanks my head back, his lip is bleeding and a trickle of blood runs down his chin before he wipes it away with his hand. His face close to mine as he glares at me, his lips pulling back over his perfectly straight teeth and his grip on my hair tightens making my eyes water and I cry out.

“Do that again and I will f*****g hurt you” He says, before letting me go and shoving me back. I bump into Cyrus who steadies me with his hand on my elbow.

“Get out” He bellows at me. I grab my bag running out the door, Cyrus following after me. I repeatedly pressed the elevator button.

“Don’t be late tomorrow” is all Cyrus says before turning and walking back to Eli’s office. As soon as l was in the safety of the elevator, I cracked. Coming apart at the seams as I slide down the wall, tears running down my cheeks at everything that happened. When the door Bings, I stand just before they open, wiping my tears as I head for the glass doors.


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