Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 250

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“Again, Ella,” Kyan urged as I tried to feel for the stupid shadows. I don’t understand how I unleashed them, let alone how to force them out and control them.

“Kyan, I am tired, and it’s b****y freezing out here,” I snap at him. This was ridiculous. Couldn’t he teach me something cool to do with these powers, like pick a lock or make something blow up?

“I am definitely not teaching you how to blow s**t up,” Kyan taunts.

“Stay out of my head,” I snap.

“You have to learn to control them unless you want an apocalypse to arise, so this comes first and blowing s**t up never. The last thing I need is you to blow the d**n house up,” Kyan says, and I roll my eyes. My phone starts buzzing in my pocket, and I pull it out before realizing it is my mother. I hit reject. I was hoping it was Jonah. I still hadn’t heard from him and I was beginning to worry, although Kyan said he was fine. I still wanted to hear his voice.

“You can’t keep rejecting her calls,”

“I can by swiping reject,” I tell him, and he growled at me.

“You are in a terrible mood today,” Kyan said while walking over to me.

“Yes, because I am freezing, my n*****s feel like they are about to jump off my d**n chest and seek warmth, my toes are numb, and it is going to rain; I am done for the day,” I tell him before stomping past him. I heard him shift a moment later before hearing Kaif’s rancorous laughter. I peeked over my shoulder before spotting him running at me, and Kora shrieked in my head.

“Run, he gonna eat us. Wait, stay. Depends what type of eating we are talking about first,” I shake my head at her and her vulgar thoughts. Kaif’s hands glow before a thought occurs to me. I wondered briefly if it would work on him before trying.

“Flataska Potenza,” I said he froze. His magic fizzled out, and he looked down at his hands.

“You little-“

“scuabadh coise,” Dominic’s voice said in my head.

“scuabadh coise,” I said before I chuckled. Kaif’s eyes went wide before his legs were suddenly tossed in the air. Dominic burst out laughing in my head as Kaif was put on his a*s. Kaif sat up and shook his head. I clamped my hand son my mouth shocked at what I had done.

“I’m out,” Dominic laughed before suddenly disappearing.

“Wait, don’t leave, now what?” All I got was his laughter when Kaif’s head whipped in my direction. How was I supposed to know it would put him on his a*s thanks Dom! I thought as the beast started getting up.

“Oh c**p,” I muttered as he shook himself out. Kaif smiled a wolfy grin, and my heart rate picked up.

“What’s the time, Mr wolf,” Kora chanted in my head.

“Ah Kora?”‘ I ask, stepping back while he stalked toward me with that same sadistic gleam in his eyes. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me but I still didn’t like the look he was giving me.

“Pretty sure it is dinner time. Run, get your a*s moving,” She said. I turned, tripping over my own feet in my haste. I heard his deep belly rumbling laugh as I scrambled to my feet and took off.

“Shift Kor, your faster,” I snap at her.

“You have a 5-second head start, Ella,” Kaif called out. I squeaked, pushing my legs harder as I ran toward the manor.

“Kora, shift, he will b****y catch me,” I snap at her.

“Better you than me,”

“What? What kind of wolf are you? You’re supposed to save me,”

“Yeah, that’s a Lycan, so you is on your own, like how you left me to a****k that daddy long legs spider while you squealed to k**l it,”

“That’s different, that was a spider, not a Kaif,”

“Same difference,” She says.

“Times up,” and I made the mistake of looking behind me to see Kaif stretch. Oh s**t!

“Ohh, now things are getting interesting,” Kora chanted as I yelped when I spotted him start running toward.

“Help you b****y imbecile,”

“No, I am looking forward to being caught,” Kora laughs.

“Then shift, he can catch you then,” I tell her, running through the garden. Kaif liked his flowers, and I may have squashed a few but, I knew he wouldn’t run through it but around it giving me extra time. I ran up the back steps.

I was so wrong about his garden, it seemed he had one target, and I was it as he trod all over Kyan’s plants. I burst into the house looking for somewhere to hide. I glanced at the steps before realizing it would be the most obvious if I ran to the room.

So, I chose the kitchen instead. The door flung open, and I looked for somewhere to hide, and Lucas snickered and pointed to the pantry. “Old meat locker window, climb through and go up the laundry shoot,” Lucas says just as I heard the front door open. Lucas shut me in the walk-in pantry and I flicked on the light. I had to move some stuff off the shelf before finding the old window.

“He expects me to fit through that,” I cursed.

“Get your scrawny a*s through it,” Kora laughed, and I climbed onto the second shelf and froze when I heard the kitchen door open up.

“Woah, Kaif.”

“Where did the little witch go?” Kaif demanded and I froze.

“No idea who you are talking about,” Lucas said.

“Cookie?”‘ I heard him ask, and Kaif growls before I hear him walk back out. I shove the window open and start crawling through when I knock a can of something off the shelf. I froze, and I heard the kitchen door open quickly and bang against the door.

“You didn’t lie to me, did you Lucas?”

“Me, not all; I never saw Marabella run and hide in the pantry,” Lucas gave me up. I shrieked, scrambling through the gap just as the door was opened.

“Traitor,” I called to Lucas as Kaif tried to grab me. I fell into the laundry on my butt. Kaif stuck his head through the gap, but the rest of him definitely wasn’t going to fit through the window.

“Tick tock little wolf, I will get you,”

“Gotta catch me first,” I said, chucking a sock at his head. It smacked him between the eyes before landing on his snout. He shook his head, and it fell off while I got to my feet and backed away from the window.

“Only one way out there,” Kaif said before disappearing, but he was wrong. I looked for the laundry shoot and found it behind the door. I quickly climbed in before using my feet and hands to climb up it. I was only a few meters up when the laundry door opened, and I remained still.

I held my breath, and he left the room, closing the door behind him. I waited a few minutes to make sure he was definitely gone before deciding to climb back down since he had gone upstairs. Although I probably would have been better going up, there wasn’t much room, and the moment I unstuck my foot, I crashed to the bottom. I groaned, shoving the laundry shoot shutter up to find Kaif sitting on a stool. I close the shutter, ripping it down.

His laughter echoed in the square box I was in. He knocked on the shutter. “Knock, knock,” Kaif laughed.

“Who’s there,” I giggled before it was ripped open.

“Are you an idiot? Who else would it be?” Kora huffed.

“Caught you,” Kaif growled. I slapped at his giant hands as he tried to grab me before he gripped my ankles and yanked me out. I flinched, expecting to smash my head on the hard floor, when I was suddenly upside down. Kaif tossed me, and I screamed before he swung me upright and crushed me against his chest.

“Don’t ever do that again,” I slapped at him, feeling like I was going to throw up when the door burst open. A panicked Lucas rushed in, and he sighed loudly with relief and clutched his heart.

“Are you okay?” I asked him, looking over Kaif’s giant shoulder. Kaif turned to him.

“Yes, fine, thought Kaif had turned savage and was going to eat you,”‘ Lucas said while catching his breath. Kaif laughed.

“Mm, not a bad idea,” Kaif said, hoisting me higher and over his shoulder, so I was half upside down. Lucas steps aside, allowing Kaif to duck through the door before heading toward the stairs.

“Wait, you’re not really going to eat her, are you?” Lucas said, rushing after us. He pulled on Kaif’s arm, and Kaif lifted it from his grip.

“What are you talking about?” Kaif asked him. Lucas cleared his throat and stared at me worriedly.

“Kyan won’t forgive you if you hurt her Kaif, be reasonable,” Wait, did he really think Kaif eats people? He doesn’t, does he? But why was he so scared for me?

“What are you blabbering about, Lucas? I wouldn’t hurt her,”

“But you just said you were going to eat her,”

“Not that sort of eating, and I would leave that to Kyan,” My face turned bright red at his words, and it didn’t seem to click. Thank g*d for Lucas until it did, and his eyes widened, and he blushed. The man actually blushed.

“Oh right, carryon, ah enjoy your meal then?” he did not just say that. Lucas rushed off back to the kitchen.

“I will tell Kyan,” Kaif laughed while stalking up the steps.

“I think he actually thought I meant literally eat you,” Kaif laughed.

“I would prefer if that was what he believed. I will never be able to look him in the eye again. He will think we are up to no good,”

“I am up to no good,” Kaif chuckled before tugging my flats off my feet.

“Kaif, what are you doing?” I snap, kicking my legs when he grabs my socks pulling them off. He laughed, undressing me while he walked up the steps and down the hall. By the time we got to the room, I only had my knickers left and shirt and jumper on.

He shoved Kyan’s door open before the air was knocked out of me and I was falling backward. My back hit the bed, and I bounced on it. Kaif laughed at my frightened face, and I growled in return when he shifted quickly. Kyan also laughed at me as he crawled on the bed. A devious smile on his lips as he gripped my underwear.

“Kyan!” I hissed.

“Ella,” He teased before ripping them off and jerking me down the bed by my hips.


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