Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 278

Read Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 278 – Jonah POV

Eziah and Mara had been practicing spells that was all she would give me, no reason, nothing, but she seemed to like having her brother around, so as long as I knew where she was, I was happy with that. On the other hand, Kyan wasn’t too happy but accepted it.

Nearing dinner time, Marabella still hadn’t come down, so I decided to get her before Kyan came looking for us. I also wanted to ask her about maybe spending the day with Kyan tomorrow instead of her brother, hoping it would keep his festering anger down.

Walking into my old apartment, I noticed they had finally fixed the windows, and I let out a breath of relief. Marabella had told me Eziah had spent the last couple of days drunk, and I was seriously worried about him falling out that d**n window. Marabella sat cross-legged on the floor, staring at some small box.

“musculus sphincter ani,” Mara said, and my eye brows lifted almost into my hairline as I stared at her before she gasped when I notice Eziah nudging the coffee table leg with his foot.

“See, try again,” Eziah snickered as I came to stand behind him. Marabella’s excitement bubbled through the bond as she kept trying to repeat the exact same words as I leaned down next to Eziah.

“Eziah, why have you got my mate screaming out a**s?” I chuckle, and he puts his finger to his lips, trying not to laugh, and I shake my head. Marabella, utterly oblivious to her brother making her speak nonsense, continued repeating the so-called spell.

He even nudged the table a couple of times, egging her o

n while I tried not to laugh. She would be pissed when she realized she wasn’t saying a spell and that he was making fun of her.

Marabella, becoming angry, grabs the box. “It’s useless,” she says, trying to pry the box open with her fingers.

“If you told me what it is you are doing, I might be able to help,” I told her. I had no magic but had helped Kyan for years going through his grimoires and had seen enough magic I knew a few things, though she would be best off asking Kyan.

“Besides touching hers, I don’t see how,” Eziah muttered too low for her to hear as she examined the small trinket box. I nudged him with my elbow as she tried again.

“Muscular sphincter ani,” she said just as Kyan stepped into the apartment. I straightened up, and so did Eziah.

Marabella, completely unaware and focused on her fake spell, hadn’t noticed, and I swallowed, feeling his burning anger when he saw the spell books lying on the coffee table. I knew they were doing something with magic, but Kyan didn’t, and by the look on his face and his blistering hot anger through the bond, he wasn’t happy about it. Kyan stalked over to Eziah and snatched the book from his hand, and Marabella jumped, looking over at him, finally noticing him.

“Why do you have this?” he growled at Eziah.

“Woah, calm down,” I told him as Marabella leaped to her feet. Kyan looked between us all.

“Is this what you have been doing this past week? Why the f**k is my father’s grimoires in your brother’s hands, Marabella?” he growled. Eziah remained quiet, probably best since he was drunk.

“I knew something was going on. Why do you have these, f*****g answer me?” Kyan roared. Mara looked at me, yet I wasn’t sure what they were doing, so I couldn’t exactly defend her when I didn’t know.

“She was trying to open the box,” Eziah says with a sigh. Kyan’s eyes flick to him on the couch.

“Doesn’t explain why you have this, and that wasn’t even a f*****g spell. Do you think this funny?”

“I was messing around with her. No harm done,” Eziah says while Marabella glares at her brother.

“I knew you were up to something,” Marabella snapped at Eziah, and Eziah snickered and Kyan growled. Returning their attention back to him.

“Where did you get these?” he says, looking at the coffee table covered in old books.

“Those are mine and from the Moon Goddess realm,” Eziah said, snatching one out of Kyan’s hand. Kyan snarls, grabbing it back and glancing at it. Marabella, I could feel petrified as he opened the other book, the one Eziah was holding when he walked in.

Kyan looked it over before looking at Marabella.

“You went into my father’s room?” he asked, and I felt his betrayal hit through the bond.

“I can explain, sort of.” she offered.

“What do you mean sort of, you will be f*****g explaining what the f**k is going on here?” Kyan roared, and Eziah jumped to his feet as Kyan raised his voice at her.

“Sit down,” Kyan bellowed at him.

The lights flickered with his anger, and the buzz of electricity in the air showed how betrayed he felt. I know it wasn’t the issue of her being in possession of them more that she let her brother touch them.

“Kyan, she wasn’t doing anything, just trying to open the box. They have been practicing with magic,” I tell him because that was all I knew and I couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“You knew?” Kyan asked me and I glanced away feeling guilty I kept it from him.

“Do you think magic is f*****g joke?” Kyan asked, turning on Eziah.

“I was messing around with her,” Eziah retorted. It was funny, but at the same time, I understood where Kyan was coming from. Magic was sacred to his family and not delved into without caution or to be made a joke of. Not his family’s magic anyway.

“We are leaving,” Kyan snaps at Mara, grabbing her arm, and Eziah pushes him while I move to get between them. Kyan’s entire body trembled with rage as he stared at Eziah.

“Don’t,” I warned both of them while Mara looked like a deer in headlights.

“Mara, grab your things,” I tell her. She quickly nods, picking up a couple of the books and stuffing them back in her handbag.

“I will come to see you tomorrow,” she whispers to Eziah, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Kyan.

“No, you won’t be,” Kyan says, looking at Marabella before turning his attention to Eziah.

“And I want you out of my city,” Kyan snarls at him before turning for the door with his father’s book in his hands. He nudges Marabella toward the door and she takes the book placing it in her bag. Instead of letting her leave Eziah had to open his d**n mouth and keep going.

“That won’t be happening, Kyan. Marabella needs me here, so you need to get over yourself,” Eziah says, and Kyan freezes, his entire back tensing before he turns to face Eziah. Kyan’s hands glowed as he fisted them at his sides.

“Get over myself? You k****d my f*****g Uncle,” Kyan growled.

“Yes, because your actions k****d my f*****g sister. She needs my help. I am staying until she can open that d**n box,” Eziah tells him.

Kyan looks at the jewelry box. Shoving past Eziah, he snatches it off the coffee table, and I feel his shock hit me. “Kaif sealed this,” Kyan murmurs looking past me at Marabella. Feeling his own magic inside the box, I look to Marabella questionably. Yet she remained quiet, dread-filled the bond coming from her, and Kyan growled.

“necessitudines quod separaverit,” Kyan murmured before stalking toward Marabella. He shoves the box in her hands.

“It’s open,” he snaps, looking over his shoulder at Eziah.

“Now get out of my city,” Kyan snarls, but Eziah sighs, looking at Marabella, who shakes her head, and I s**k in a breath at Eziah’s following words.

“You opened that box. That is not what we are trying to open,” Eziah tells him.

“So, since you feel so f*****g helpful, do you have any ideas on how to open something spelled and sealed shut by your father?” Eziah snaps at him.

“Eziah enough. Come on, Kyan,” Marabella says, gripping Kyan’s arm.

“Excuse me,” Kyan asks, looking at Eziah, and so was I. Trying to figure out what was going on.

“It’s nothing, Kyan. Let’s go home,” Marabella says, trying to pull Kyan from the apartment, but he shakes her hand off that gripped his suit jacket.

“No, I want to know what he means,” Kyan snaps at her.

“He is drunk. Let’s just go,” Marabella says, pullingon his arm. But he shakes her off again, and I could feel her fear through the bond and Kyan’s rage as he stared at Eziah.

“Your father isn’t d**d, Kyan,” Eziah says so matter of factly. Kyan seemed shocked by his words at first before he laughed looking between Marabella and Eziah. Kyan snarled his face twisting in anger and pivoted and punched him. Marabella screamed as Kyan attacked her brother.

Eziah smashed into the coffee table shattering it before Kyan pounces on him, hitting him repeatedly. I grab his shoulders, trying to rip him off Eziah, who laughed maniacally. At the same time, Kyan exploded in rage, the windows shattering, the light bulbs exploding, and the power flickering on and off. His energy surged along with his anger, and so did Eziah’s.

Kyan was suddenly thrown backward as Eziah’s glowing hands smashed against Kyan’s chest, sending him hurtling into me and we crashed into the wall. The wall dents the support beam behind it jarring my back. Kyan growls, pushing off the ground. The shadows that tainted him rippled out of him like a pulse, and my eyes widened in h****r as black mist engulfed his hands, forming a sphere. Eziah’s eyes glowed gold brightly as they faced off. Darkness and light emanated out both of them when Kyan threw the sphere of mist directly at Eziah.

Time seemed to slow as I sat up to see Marabella run directly into the path of their explosive magic before tossing her hands out. “Flataska Potenza,” she screamed. Yet it was too late as both of their power hit simultaneously, and she covered her face-recognizing she was too late.

I s**k in a breath as Mara closes her eyes, bracing for its impact when it collides with her, only nothing happened at first until she blinked, and like a force field, the power was sent hurtling back at them, smacking them with enough force both of them were thrown backward. Eziah smashed into the kitchen cupboards while Kyan smashed against me, knocking the air from my lungs. Marabella growls, glaring at the wall where the TV sat, black shadows moved up her arms and neck, flecked with blue the same as Kyan’s shadow marks, writhing over her skin.

“Enough!” she snaps before storming out the door without even looking at either of them, she was furious while we all just stared, wondering how she managed to deflect their power. And what the h**l we just witnessed with the shadows. Kyan watches her leave and gets to his feet, chasing after her, and I hear Eziah groan as he gets to his. His lip split open, and he had a cut above his eyebrow.

Getting to my feet, I look at the mess and the d**n windows that were only fixed today. Eziah wipes his bleeding lip with the back of his hand before walking over and snatching the bottle of vodka that was rolling on the floor. He swigs from it.

“He needs anger management,” Eziah says, flopping down onto the couch. What the f**k just happened?


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