Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 262

Read Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 262 – Marabella POV

Kora was the one who woke me the following morning. Vague memories of Kyan abruptly leaving and freaking out last night came to mind as I stared up at the ceiling, and I could hear Jonah on the phone. Kyan’s voice was muffled coming from the other end. Jonah hung up with a sigh before laying back down and rolling toward me. He tugged me closer, burying his face in my neck. “Morning,” Jonah mumbled against my shoulder.

“That was Kyan?” I asked, and Jonah nodded and hummed.

“He dream walked into your dreams last night,”‘ Jonah murmured, and I rolled over to face him.

“That’s why he left?” I asked, and he nodded, tugging me closer.

“Yes, he spoke to his father, and it upset him, but he is okay; he said he would come over later,” Jonah explained, which baffled me. I had no idea what to think about what he had just said. Kyan spoke to his father through my dream?

It puzzled me until Kora purred loudly, yanking me from my troubled thoughts as the noise emanated out of me. Jonah chuckled, burying his face into my neck, enticing her to purr louder. I rolled my eyes at her, trying to think around the embarrassing noises she was making. With a sigh, I pressed closer to him, enjoying the tingling sensation that ran up my spine, the warmth of his skin against mine, and his scent as it enveloped me.

My fingers trailed over his chest, and I twisted the bar that went through his nipple, turning it between my fingers. He shivered before my hand moved lower, my fingertips grazing between the valleys of his abs down to the waistband of his pants. I chewed the inside of my lip when he didn’t pull my hand away like he usually did.

Jonah moved and I sighed, becoming a little annoyed that he never let me touch him or we never did anything even though bond craved it. Kora growled, annoyed as I rolled onto my back. And I was about to sit up, intending to get up and shower to help wake up a little, when Jonah rolled into me, pushing me back down.

“And where are you trying to sneak off to?” he growled against my lips before nipping them. I felt him smile against my lips as they brushed against mine, startling me when he kissed me.

His tongue traced the seam of my lips, demanding access as he pressed his knee between my legs, forcing my legs open before he settled between them. Jonah’s tongue played with mine when I parted them, kissing him back as he tasted every inch of my mouth while thrusting his hips against me gently. A m**n escaped me feeling his hardened length press between my thighs.

My hand went to his hip, tugging him closer while his warm hand went to my b****t, squeezing and fondling it gently through my thin top. My nipple hardened at his touch, and his lips muffled the moans that escaped them. Kora purred loudly, excitement pooling in my belly that he wasn’t so hesitant as he usually was.

Jonah groaned when I arched my hips, grinding myself against his hard e******n, his teeth nipping at my lips before his hot mouth moved down my chin to my neck. He sucked on his mark that lay etched into my skin. Sparks zapped and zinged up my spine, and warmth pooled in my belly as desire coiled within me.

His firey vanilla scent overwhelmed my already heightened senses, and my skin buzzed under his touch. The bond flared to life, and his touch became rougher as he pushed my top up. I shivered at the chill in the air as it caressed over my heated skin when he peeled it off, tossing it on the floor before pressing back against me.

The warmth of his chest against mine made me shiver in contrast to the frosty bite of the cold morning as his lips traveled lower. His tongue flicked over my pebbled nipple before he bit down on it, swirling his tongue around the hardened bud.

His hot mouth teased as he continued his descent, moving lower, his tongue licking and teeth nipping as he tasted my skin. My breathing became ragged as arousal flooded me. His fingers toyed with the waistband of my pants before pulling back to look at me questionably.

“And you’re sure you wouldn’t rather Kyan?” Jonah asked. My brows furrowed at his words, wondering if that is why he had been holding off on letting me mark him.

“Why would you ask that?” Jonah shrugged and bit his lip, looking unsure.

“I think it is because he isn’t as experienced as Kyan,” Kora murmured to me. Her words made me feel bad that he would think that way.

“Yes, Jonah. There is no one else I would rather be with.” I assured him, and I meant every word of what I said. Jonah has never let me down, never judged, never abandoned me. He leaned forward with a smile on his lips as he pressed them to mine softly. Jonah gripped the waistband of my cotton shorts before sitting up between my legs as he tugged them down.

I lifted my hips so he could remove them before he tossed them aside and he kissed my knee. My legs trembled as he settled between them, his teeth grazing my inner t***h as he nipped his way down before burying his face between my legs. His hand pushed against the back of my t***h, forcing my legs further open as he settled between them.

His mouth teasing as his hot breath caressed over my lower lips before he swept his tongue flat across the seam of them, making me m**n as my skin tingled and burned with desire. He growled softly before his tongue peeled my lips apart as he ran his tongue through them to my c**t.

My pulse pounded uncontrollably in my veins as heat flooded through me. His tongue swirled around my c**t before he sucked on it, making me whimper and mewl at the building sensation as he continued to torment me with his tongue, tasting and licking every inch of me before dipping his tongue inside my tight channel and lapping at the juices spilling from me. My legs trembled when I felt the first slivers of pleasure tighten in my belly, he slid his finger inside me while sucking.

His finger quickly drenched in my arousal, and slid in and out effortlessly as he added another, stretching me open. My inner walls squeezed as the friction built, and I moved my hips against his mouth. Heat washed over me, and I moaned as my sensitive nerves pulsated.

My walls fluttered when my o****m pulsated through me, his fingers plunging in deeper, my inner walls clenched as he continued his relentless sucking and licking. Everything tingled, my thoughts solely consumed with the pleasure washing through me before my mind blanked, and I saw white. My m**n echoed as I came hard.

The slickness of my arousal spilled out of me and my body tensed before relaxing as the ripple of waves washed over me, leaving me breathless. Jonah slipped his fingers from me, his hot tongue lapping at my release before he crawled up my body, settling his weight against me. His lips wet with my juices molded around mine, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth as he forced me to taste myself on his tongue. His hips thrust against my entrance, making me jolt at the overused nerves as his e******n pressed against me. My hand moved down his side, and I pushed the waistband of his boxers down his hip before he tugged them down, using his feet to remove them altogether.

His thick hard shaft pressed against my lower lips, and I could feel his piercings roll over my c**t as he pistoned his hips against me, coating his shaft in my arousal as it slid through my folds.

I arched my hips, rolling them against him, and moaned into his mouth before reaching between us, my hand stroking his hardened length as my fingers wrapped around his shaft. He groaned, thrusting into my hand. The sensation of his piercings running across my palm made me gasp, worried I would hurt him, but he pushed harder into my hand before sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and nibbling on it.

I wiggled my hips, rubbing against him, and he kissed me harder before taking his c**k in his hand and positioning himself at my entrance. Moving my hand to his hip, I tugged him closer, rolling my hips against him. He pressed the tip against me, his c**k gliding into my wet channel burned, and I hissed and wiggled my hips, trying to adjust to the size of him stretching me.

Jonah kissed me harder, biting down on my lip as he sank himself deeper, making me gasp at the sting. Jonah stilled, his lips moved down to my neck as he sucked on my mark-making my toes curl as tingles flooded my entire body.

I rolled my hips against him as his teeth teased the mark on my neck, my juices coating his shaft as he rocked his hips gently against me. The burning sensation dulled with the extra moisture, and I chased the slow friction to stave off the pain, rolling my hips against him and meeting his slow thrusts.

“I’m not hurting you, am I,” Jonah whispered, pulling back to look at me. Instead of answering, I kissed him harder, my hand on his hip tugged him closer, and he moved quicker, harder, building up the friction as he dragged his c**k out before slamming back in.

I gasped into his mouth at the pain before it turned moans, muffled by his lips as they devoured mine. The only noises in the room were my cries and the wet sounds of our bodies coming together when I felt my canines elongate, my vision flickered briefly, and I pulled my lips from him when I tasted the metallic taste of his blood coat my lips as my teeth nicked him.

“Let me mark you,” I mewled, m*****g as he drove his c**k into me harder before his arm slid underneath my lower back. He sat up, sitting back on his knees with me on his lap. His hands gripping my a*s as he moved me up and down his hard length, our positions changing, I readjusted my legs and locked my arms around his neck.

Jonah nipped my collarbone with his teeth, making me gasp at the sting before tracing his tongue over it, and I gripped his hair, tugging his head back to kiss him. Our bodies moving as one like a synchronized dance. Jonah groaned into my mouth as I rolled my hips against him, his hands squeezing my a*s in a bruising grip.

My skin was heated, tingles rushed over my body when I felt the pressure in my lower stomach build before reaching the precipice of bliss. My heart pounded in my ears when I felt my walls clench as I lifted my hips, His c**k dragging along my inner walls sending me over the edge with one hard thrust.

My entire body spasmed and tingled. My breathing was ragged as I reached my climax. The waves were brutal as my desire coated him and spilled into his lap while I rode it out. Jonah tilted his head to the side. My movements became sluggish, and Jonah rolled my hips against him, chasing his own release.

My teeth pierced his flesh deeply, and his blood rushed into my mouth and over my tongue. Jonah jerked, his grip bruising, and I felt the warmth of his release filling me as he came with a groan. His movement stilled, and I felt the heat move to my chest, expanding, the sensation swelling before the bond snapped into place.

I pulled my teeth from his neck, running my tongue over the mark I laid there. Jonah shivered, clutching me closer; his lips pressed against my chest as we both tried to catch our breath while his fingertips traced up my spine.

My entire body relaxed; I felt boneless and putty in this man’s hands. Jonah lifted his head, his lips going to the side of my mouth before nipping at my lip. “I love you, Marabella,” he murmured against my lips. I smiled, kissing him back.

“And I love you,” I told him before my back hit the mattress as he leaned forward, pressing his weight against me. He pressed his chest against mine, my heart swelling with the love writhing through me from our newly made bond.

Jonah chuckled, thrusting his already hardening c**k into me. “Again,” he chuckled against my lips. Feeling d**d already, he slowly moved his hips against mine. Jonah buried his face in my neck, nipping at my jawline. I wrapped my legs around his waist, moving my hips against him, and he chuckled.

Feeling content and never so loved before, I don’t think I would ever be able to deny him. How much easier it felt with Jonah, despite still loving Kyan, too. Jonah was my light, and now I realized Kyan was my dark. I am not the Gemini they are. It took destroying everything to see that, especially feeling the remnants of Kyan’s link to Jonah. The longing through the bond and acceptance of Jonah while Jonah had nothing but love for both of us. They were both two halves of a whole, my whole.

“Is that yes?” Jonah laughed as he thrust into me again, his c**k once again hard.

“Always a yes,” I tell him, tugging him closer so I could bring his lips back to mine.


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