Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 259

Read Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 259 – My eyes widened in h****r as Kaif burst free of Kyan with a thunderous growl that made the hair on my arms stand on end. Jonah rushed forward to stop him when Kaif turned and flung his hand, blasting Jonah backward and into the wall. A scream of fear left me, and I rushed toward Jonah, helping him sit where the walls dent from the impact.

“I’m okay, but you need to move if you want me to stop him,” Jonah gasped, then groaned as he sat up. My heart twinged now, realizing how foolish my actions were.

When I k****d myself, I thought I was ending my pain, yet seeing Jonah, it was clear I was only giving it to him. My mistake was clear to me now. I ended my life without thinking of its effect on him, which was obvious from the tear streaks on his face. Even now, he was still fighting for me, even after I gave up the fight myself.

He cupped my cheek with his hand and went to get to his feet. I turned my head just in time to see Kaif stalk toward Eziah. My heart lurched when I saw him swing at him, his claws raking down his chest, which earned him a snarl from Eziah, his shirt torn open, and his blood stained it red.

“I warned you about hurting my sister; I f*****g warned you, Kyan. It was either Lucas or Jonah, a life for a life. To give, I must take first. You did this, not me, you did, and now you pay for it,” Eziah screamed at him, clutching his bleeding wounds.

His words seemed to stun Kaif for a few seconds. His rage dissipated, and Kyan returned before collapsing next to Lucas on the floor. “I didn’t know,” I heard him whisper, and my stomach sank, and tears trekked down my cheeks. Eziah staggered and leaned heavily on the door frame, his hand clutching his chest. Blood pouring out between the gaps in fingers. His skin went pale and his lips turned blue.

“Eziah?”I whispered, and he looked over at me, his face clammy, and he smirked.

“I’m alright, sis, but we need to go,” he rasped out, holding out his other hand.

“She is not going anywhere with you,” Kyan snarled at him, and Eziah’s eyes flashed gold before flickering oddly. He pulled his hand from his chest and the blood pouring from him was a mixture of red and blue.

“Come, Marabella,” Eziah hissed, trying to stand upright before stumbling forward and tripping over Kyan. Kyan moved with a speed that would have shamed Kaif. His rage still b****d, and I saw the tattoos of his darkness that covered his back, chest, and arms ripple as he grabbed Eziah’s throat and pinned him against the wall. Kyan smirked, “You don’t scare me, Kyan.” Eziah growled.

“I don’t need to scare you, but if you try to take her, I will f*****g k**l you.” Kyan snarled while his eyes flickered to a demonic black.

“Good thing it’s not up to you then,” Eziah retorts, and Kyan’s grip tightens; Eziah’s face changes color, and I watch as Kyan’s claws break free of his fingertips slowly as a warning. Razor-sharp and digging into his skin.

“Choose wisely, Ella,” Kyan says, not removing his eyes from Eziah, who only smiled mockingly. Caught in between, I could only watch. I wanted to help my brother, but Kyan was clearly on the verge of losing control.

“What, now you suddenly want me?” I scoff. Kyan’s jaw clenches and his knuckles turn white, and Eziah chokes. Clawing at his hands. “Kyan!” I growl, feeling Kora finally come forward; I actually wondered if I had lost her. Though groggy and out of it, relief flooded me.

“Choose Ella; what will be?” Kyan snarled, finally turning his head to look at me. Eziah’s eyes flashed, and his hands let go of Kyan’s wrist and smashed against Kyan’s chest. Eziah’s eyes bulged from his head, and I saw his hands glow brightly. Kyan looked down at them before his eyes met Eziah’s, and he smirked.

“You maybe be a Gemini wolf twin, but you are no match for a Demi-g*d witch hybrid,” Kyan snarled. Black tendrils suddenly slivered up Eziah’s arms as Kyan’s shadows seeped out, darkness tainting Eziah, and I rushed to get to my feet to help my brother when I was ripped backward and into Jonah’s lap as he grabbed me.

“Agree,” Jonah whispered as his hands wrapped securely around my waist, and my back met his warm chest. “Kyan, let him go,” I pleaded.

“What’s it going to be, Ella? You try to leave, I k**l him, you stay and he lives, so pick. I have lost enough tonight, and I won’t lose you a second time,’ Kyan warned as my brother choked. “Say yes, I won’t let him hurt you again,” Jonah murmured below my ear while my heart thumped erratically.

“I’ll stay, I’ll f*****g stay,” I screamed, thrashing in Jonah’s arms as he tried to keep me away from Kyan, who looked like he had let the darkness take him over.

“Kyan, she said she’d stay, release him,” Jonah growls at him, holding me tighter, and Kyan lets him go with a shove. Eziah went to a****k him but elbowed Jonah and rushed forward, getting between them.

“She stays,” Kyan tells him, unfazed by my brother, who looked like he was on the verge of passing out. “Stop, I will be fine; Jonah’s with me,” I whispered to Eziah as Kyan bent down to grab Lucas. My eyes went to Jonah, who nodded to us both. I owed Jonah to stay, and I prefer to stay with him then go home after so long of being away.

“You’re not safe here,” Eziah sputtered, and I held my hand against his chest, trying to stem the bleeding. Ignoring his words, I looked up at him. “What did you do to him?” I snapped Kyan. But said nothing. “Why aren’t you healing?” I said, looking back at Eziah.

“Guess that gene I got from mum,” Eziah huffed.

“Kyan, help him,” I pleaded, but he ignored me, grabbing Lucas and shoving past us.

“He can help himself,” Kyan growled before walking out of the room n***d, carrying his uncle down the stairs. Tears brimmed in my eyes. Everything was f****d up. Kora was no help; I only had the ability to k**l things, not heal them, and my brother was bleeding out because of me.

“The Dagger, it transfers power, you have power Mara, you can help take it from him, “Dominic’s voice suddenly appeared in my ear, and I turned to look for where it landed. My eyes spot it on the floor kicked under the dresser, and I rush over to grab it and Jonah pounces on me, instantly trying to rip it from my hand.

“Jonah, stop,” I tell him, trying to shove him off.

“You won’t be hurting yourself with that thing,” Jonah snapped. “Give it to me now, Mara.” Jonah snapped, reaching for it.

“I’m helping my brother now move,” I snapped at him, and he looked at the dagger in my hand before his eyes darted to my brother. The worry on his face was obvious, but I wasn’t stupid enough to try it again. No one else would d*e for me. ” F**k,’ Jonah cursed and stepped aside but hovered near on top of me, towering over me like he thought I would turn it on myself. Eziah had collapsed, sliding down the wall, his legs out straight in front of him as he wheezed. Kaif’s claw marks seemed to poison him; I had seen nothing like it before as black veins slivered beneath his skin.

I knew what Dominic was saying and felt the rightfulness of his words as I looked at my brother, his eyelids drooping, “Where’s mum when you need her?” I m****e, and Eziah laughs.

“Trying not to interfere. Bet she is screaming at that d**n fountain right about now,” Eziah laughed.

“She is in the moon goddess realm?” I asked him as I sliced his palm.

“Yeah, she got pulled there when you-” He doesn’t finish. Jonah stood over my shoulder, and when I went to do the same to my own, he gripped my wrist and snatched the dagger from my grip before turning my hand and slicing my palm, making me hiss before taking the dagger.

Blood pooled in my palm before I gripped Eziah’s hand, and I gasped, feeling the power the dagger held in it. The effect was instant, and the moment my hand connected with Eziah’s, I siphoned the darkness out of him; the darkness rushed out of him, and the coldness of Kyan’s taint moved into me. Eziah gasped and his back arched off the wall. I watched as his chest healed and could feel his hand healing in mine as mine healed in his. I let go and looked at my palm.

“That is one crazy dagger,” I murmured, opening and closing my hand while examining it. Eziah patted his chest as he looked down to find himself healed. “Nifty little thing, be needing that back, though,” He said, clicking his fingers at Jonah.

“You could try saying please,” I tell Eziah, and he rolls his eyes. “Only for you, sis,” he says before turning to look up at Jonah, who was still standing behind me.

“Dagger, please,” Eziah says, holding out his hand in Jonah’s direction.

“Nope, neither of you can be trusted with knives; I will give it to your mother when I see her next,” Jonah says, and Eziah glares at him.

“Where do you think we are going?” Eziah snaps at him.

“Mara stays. Kaif isn’t of a rational mind for her to go anywhere, and neither is Kyan.”

“I am not leaving her here,” Eziah growled at him.

“I am with her, Eziah. S**k it up and go before he comes back,”

“You fear him,” Eziah laughs.

“And you’re an i***t if you don’t, now go,” Jonah says with a glare. Eziah looks at me, and his brows furrow.

“Marabella?” Eziah murmurs, but I look up at Jonah, and he helps me to my feet before placing his hand flat against my stomach, tugging me closer.

“She will be fine, Eziah. I won’t let anything happen to her.” Jonah tries to reassure him.

“No, she is coming with me. They are no longer mates. She has nothing holding her here, and I am not leaving my sister with that psychopath,”

“He is her mate,” Jonah argued, pulling me flush against him. I went to tell my brother to go, but he cut me off, yelling at Jonah.

“Not anymore; he didn’t want her,” Eziah growled, reaching for me. His words stung me more than he would know; I know he was defending me and meant well, but hearing that made my chest ache.

“He made a mistake, but she was right about one thing. It should have been me and now it will be,” Jonah said.

My brain didn’t have time to process his words before his teeth sank deeply into my neck. I gasped and blinked as he held me against him, pulling me closer. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and Kyan stopped d**d in his tracks as he walked back in the door, his eyes on Jonah, and I saw them flicker to Kaif. My eyes fluttered, and sparks rushed over my skin as my surroundings dimmed as I fought to remain conscious.

“Looks like you have a little competition, Kyan. May the best man win,” I heard Eziah laugh before everything went black.


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