Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 233

Read Fated To The Alpha by Jessica Hall Chapter 233 – Kyan POV

After dealing with Rose and explaining to Jonah what happened last night, I remained in my room trying to clean the mess Kaif made while waiting for Jonah to return. When Jonah returns, he is dressed in jeans and a dress shirt.

“Where’s Mara?” He asks, and I growl at him.

“Get over it, bro. I brought her clothes. Besides, Kaif is fine with it, and it about time you got your head around it too,”

“Kaif is not fine with it. He only agreed because he thinks you will change my mind; the answer is no, let me reject her first, then do what you want with her,” I tell him, although the words left a foul taste in my mouth.

“You seriously would go through with it, and you think Kaif will let you, “

‘Kaif is locked up nice and tight, I won’t be making that mistake again, “

“Yeah, you say that like he can’t force control,” I walk to my dresser and grab the medicine bottle from it, tossing it at him.

“Belladonna and wolfsbane, you can’t be f*cking serious, “

“He is handled, temporarily anyway.” “Don’t do it Kyan, you will regret it,”

“The only thing I regret is not doing it when she first found out, she is safest this way, and I don’t

have to feel every d**n time you touch her,” I snarl.

“You ruin every chance you have at happiness and for what some vision you had of her when you were a teen, “

“They always come true, “

“The future can change, Kyan, “

“Yes, if we change it, now go find her so we can leave soon,” I tell him, grabbing a towel and heading for my bathroom.

We all had dinner in the restaurant, Marabella and Jonah sat across from me, and Eziah next to Rose, Casen sat with a scowl on his face as he watched them talk away. What he had to be jealous of was beyond me. Eziah was her cousin, or maybe it was because she gave Eziah her attention while ignoring him. S**t would be so awkward on her eighteenth, that is for sure.

Turning my attention back to everyone else at the table, Lucas was watching me, and I raised an eyebrow at him only to see Mateo glaring daggers at me. I pick up my whiskey and take a sip. Seriously barking up the wrong tree he is.

“So Jonah, are you coming to the challenge tomorrow, ” Andrei asks, and I nod. Jonah glances at him, and Rose scowls which I thought odd; she didn’t look particularly happy about her brother taking over the pack.

“Of course, ” I tell him, and he nods.

“It will be at Noon. Did you want to stay the night? “

Sage asks me.

“No, I should get back to the City afterward,”

” Marabella is staying. Maybe you can stay with her and Jonah, ” Lucas says, and I glare at him. What the f*ck was he playing at.

“Best we keep them apart, wouldn’t want any altercations, ” Mateo says, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms across his chest.

“Yes, we wouldn’t want that would we,” I tell him watching him over the rim of my glass. Ezra looked between us both, and I had no idea what his problem was; I had barely spoken to her family and made sure I kept my distance. Mara was looking down at her plate, and I could feel how uncomfortable she was. My eyes dart to her to see Jonah place his arm across the back of her chair and grip her shoulder, he places his lips to her temple, and Mateo smirks, also looking at his daughter.

Kat nudges Mateo and nods to Maraeblla, and Mateo sighs and nods. One look from her, and he was pulled back in line. I may not have Kaif active, but her fathers were still no match for me; nobody was. My eyes dart to Maarabella at that thought. Some part of me was curious to know if she was a match on a different level, her magic similar to mine and it made me wonder how she got her hands on my family’s power.

Rose, completely oblivious to the tension, turns to face Jonah and me. “You’re staying in the City tonight, right, Jonah?” She asks. Jonah huffs before looking at his sister. I smirk, knowing she wanted something from him.

“Yes, Rose. Why?” She bats her lashes at him. “No, whatever it is, no,”

“One night, I will go home with you tomorrow, ” Jonah rolls his eyes.

“She wants to go to some disco thing upstairs, “

Andrei says.

“She is underage, ” Jonah tries to argue, and Sage nods in agreement, but Andrei catches her hand and presses his lips to it. “Casen will be with her and Jonah. Let her have some fun, love, ” Andrei tells her.

Rose looks at her mother pleadingly. “Casen?” Sage asks.

“You know she is safe with me,” He tells her, and she sighs.

“One night and no sneaking away from him like you girls did last night, ” Sage scolds, and I notice Kat glance at her daughter. Mara’s gloved hand grips her fork tightly, and her aura darkens and intensifies, Kat not missing it turns to look at me. It was clear she didn’t believe the lies she was fed about the girls, and I could see she was holding herself back from asking, whether that was for Mara’s sake or Sage’s, I didn’t know.

“You coming, Mara?” Rose asks, and my head whips in her direction. Rose was already pulling her from her seat.

” I.. um, I will probably go home with my parents,” Mara tries to say when Mateo buts in.

“No, stay with Jonah for the night; we don’t mind if you want to spend another night in the City,” Mateo says before smiling at me. Oh, I wanted to punch his smug face.

“Or do you have a problem with that, Kyan? Not like you want her or anything, ” Mateo asks, and the table falls quiet.

“Dad!” Marabella hisses.

“She can do whatever she wants, ” I tell him through gritted teeth.

“Well, that is sorted; Jonah can bring them to the challenge tomorrow, Eziah what are you wanting to do?

“Ah, are you trying to get rid of me?” Eziah asks.

” No, what makes you say that?” Mateo says with a devious smile on his lips.

“Then, no, I will be coming home with you,” Eziah says.

” Fine, but make sure you wear earmuffs tonight, ” Ezra taunts, and Eziah pulls a face while Kat smacks Ezra’s chest. I glance over to look for Marabella to find her gone. Jonah still sat at the table, but Rose, Casen, and Marabella were nowhere to be seen. I glance back at the table and see Lucas watching me, and he wipes his hands on his napkin and leans back in his chair. The man could sometimes read me too easily.

Jonah and his father talk about pack business, and after a few minutes, I cou1dn’t take it anymore, wondering where she is was bothering me. I knew she was safe, but after last night I hated the idea of being on her own. And with Casen, she might as well be on her own. He only had eyes for Rose, so he would not be paying close attention to Marabella. I excuse myself, and Lucas smiles, and I fight back the urge to growl at him. Instead, tossing my napkin down on the table and walking out.

I take the elevator up to the floor above. This place was alive tonight, it always was, but tonight it was exceptionally busy. I find Marabella at the bar watching Rose dance. Casen stood beside Rose like a statue watching her while Rose attempted to get him to dance with her. I pull the stool out beside Marabella and sit on it before waving the bartender down. Marabella was drinking soda and glanced at me briefly before diverting her eyes back to the dancefloor.

“I would have gone home, ” she says. The bartender hands me two glasses, and I reach over the bar for the whiskey and pour my own glass.

“Drink?” I ask her, and she shakes her head, holding up her soda.

“I meant a real one, not the kiddie stuff,” I tell her, and she rolls her eyes.

“Nope, I’m good,” she says, going back to watching Rose and Casen.

“Kaif isn’t like what I expected, ” She says after a few seconds.

“What did you expect?”

“I expected him to be a j**k like you,” She says, and I chuckle.

“He is; you just haven’t pissed him off yet, ” I sip my drink, watching her, trying to build the courage to reject her.

“He seems…. he talks funny,” She ends up saying.

“He has spent centuries in silence; he has trouble conveying actual words from his thoughts, “

“I think I said that wrong,”

“You meant he speaks the old language?” I ask, and she nods.

“He is old, as old as the Moon Goddess Celeste, ” I could see she wanted to ask more but instead refrains herself going back to ignoring me.

“Your dad doesn’t seem too happy with me,” I tell her, and she raises an eyebrow at me.

“What you expected a pat on the back for saying you don’t want his daughter even though she is your mate, “

“No, but I expected him to be smarter about who he picks his battles with, “

“Is there a reason you are up here, or did you just come looking for me to see if I would beg at your feet to be with you if that is what you are waiting for, it won’t happen,”

“I just wanted to check on you, Jonah didn’t go with you, and I got sick of being the elephant in the room back there, “

“Then why not leave? ” I shrug, unsure why I didn’t either. We watched Rose, well Marabella did while I watched her when a woman approached the bar next to me. Marabella glanced at her for a second, and the woman’s perfume b****d my nose when she leaned over me to grab the bartender’s attention.

She glances at me, and I look away from her, repulsed by her. She was clearly intoxicated and her dress so short she might as well have been n***d; it left nothing to the imagination. Marabella glares at her when she stumbles, almost falling onto me, her hand gripping my arm to steady herself when she speaks.

“Want to dance?” Her words slurred.

“No!” I tell her, and she pouts. I try to shrug her hand off my arm, my patience waning. Her touch made my skin crawl as she fondled my suit jacket, her hands clutching the front, and her breath stunk heavily of vodka.

“Just one dance?”

“He said no!” Marabella startles me, and the woman noticing her glances at her.

“Oh, you’re with someone,” The woman says, looking back at me. I don’t correct her; I just wanted her away from me.

“Yes, now f*ck off, ” Marabella says, and I realize it wasn’t her but Kora that I sensed, though I thought it funny seeing her so aggressive. The woman

sensing something was off with Marabella, despite being drunk, edged away from me. I smirk when the

woman leaves, and Marabella turns back to watch those dancing. I went to open my mouth to say something, curiosity burning me at her actions.

“Don’t ! Just shut up,” she snaps, and I sigh, choosing to leave it; I would have told her to go away myself, but seeing her become so possessive thrilled me when I know it shouldn’t have.

It was a couple of hours before Jonah came upstairs looking for us, surprise flitted across his features, and I could feel his burning curiosity, but I was more pissed off that he would leave her alone after everything that happened last night. Her parents also wandered over, and Eziah hugged his sister before saying goodbye to Rose.

Mateo sneered at me as he said goodbye to his daughter, while Ezra looked as though he wanted to say something but decided against it. Probably best he did. I had managed to drink half that bottle of whiskey by the time they came up, and I wasn’t in the best headspace while I watched Marabella, who had done nothing but ignore me all d**n night. It shouldn’t have bothered me, but it did.

Marabella went to walk her parents out, and I could feel her hesitation like she was deciding to go with them when Jonah pulled her to his side. I watched from the bar as he wrapped his arms around her waist, the way her face lit up as she leaned back against him. Jealousy coursed through me, clouding my judgment as I reached for the bottle behind the bar again.

The bartender eyed me and one glare has him looking away. I pour another glass watching them. I should have left , should have gone home now that Jonah was with her, yet I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her when he led her over to Rose on the dancefloor. Jonah practically dragged her, and I could tell she didn’t want to dance, but Jonah encouraged her anyway.

The woman from earlier makes her way over to me, and I roll my eyes when she leans on the bar watching me. I was about to move when she spoke.

“Well, your little friend moved on quickly, ” The woman states. I didn’t answer about to move away from her when pain rippled through me, my nerves burning and the glass I was holding shattered in my hand under my grip.

“S**t,” I curse, reaching behind the bar for a tea towel when the bartender chucks me one. I thank him, wiping the front of my jacket down, and the bartender waves a waitress over to clean up the shattered glass.

However, the sharp pains radiating through my chest don’t stop, and I glance at Jonah and Marabella to find him kissing her. Her hands on his chest, and he pulled away, whispering something to her, and my blood boiled.

“You okay, ” the intoxicated woman asks, her hands roaming over my wet suit as she tries to help clean up the mess. Suddenly a commotion can be heard.

Everyone turns their attention to the dancefloor. Casen and Rose were arguing, and I noticed Jonah make his way over to them.

Marabella, however, was watching me. Her eyes were on the woman beside me, fussing over me and

leaning her body against mine. I hadn’t realized how close she was but saw Marabella’s anger over her close proximity.

I pull her closer , my hand on the woman’s hip. I don’t know why I did. Maybe it was petty; I was planning on rejecting her anyway. I instantly regretted it, but I wanted her to know what it felt

like, to know the pain she causes me every time she is with Jonah. The woman seemed startled, and I didn’t even know her name. I was disgusted by my actions, yet I did it anyway. I kissed her.