Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 201

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 201 – Catherine laughed mockingly. “Yeah, I was the one who condoned a certain someone’s nephew’s corruption. He got greedy even when building the exterior wall of a house. You can’t even build a house but now you want to be a developer. Who would dare to buy?” “Yes, that won’t do.” President Reed was the first to speak out against it. “I want to reconsider too. We can’t ruin Hudson’s reputation.” “…” When the shareholders began to backtrack, Catherine said in a gentle tone to everyone, “It’s true that I’m young, but I’m open-minded and serious. If I don’t know anything, I can ask my seniors present here for advice. It wasn’t easy for Hudson to reach the level it’s at. No matter how many benefits Jeffery has promised everyone, our ultimate goal is to see Hudson profit so we get paid better dividends.” “That’s right,” Chris finally spoke out. His voice was very authoritative. “The character of a listed company’s boss is very important. I’ll fully support Catherine if she becomes the chairwoman. Everyone should know that I once also assisted Sheryl. It’s thanks to Sheryl that Hudson is what it is today.” “We still believe in President Jefferson’s ability.” President Reed agreed with a nod. “In that case, let’s vote again. What do you think, Director Irvine?” Chris looked over to Director Irvine and reminded, “Director Irvine, if I had wanted to compete with you for the position of chairman in the past, you wouldn’t be sitting happily here today.” “I agree.” Director Irvine avoided Chris’ gaze and nodded. “Let’s start the vote.” Everyone raised their hand one after another, and the final result was nine to seven. Catherine’s nine to Jeffery’s seven. “Let’s congratulate Catherine Jones as the new chairwoman.” Chris led the applause. Jeffery slapped the table, his face grim with anger. “This election isn’t a game. How can you repeat the voting process? It was me who was elected before. Who do you think you are?” “President Jones seems very unconvinced.” There was something else hidden beneath Catherine’s smile. “You have to understand that if it weren’t for my mother’s generosity, you’d have absolutely nothing to do with this company. You should be content with what you have.” “You…” Jeffery glared at her. He could not believe the girl who used to be so careful in front of him now dared to be so wilful. “If you continue making a scene, I can only call security to escort you out,” Catherine warned without mercy. Jeffery seethed with anger. There were so many shareholders here, yet not a single one spoke up for him. “President Jones, sit down.” Director Irvine sighed helplessly. “We’ve already delayed this long enough. There are still a lot of matters we have to cover in this meeting.” “That’s fine, but before that, it’s time for the outsiders who have nothing to do with the meeting to get out.” Catherine glanced at Rebecca. Rebecca was being humiliated in public, and her eyes reddened. She spoke as if she was wronged, “Catherine, I know you don’t like me, but—” “Did I say anything wrong? Are you qualified to stay here?” Catherine mocked. “Ms. Jones is too ignorant of the company’s rules of discipline.” “Enough, go out,” Director Irvine said impatiently. Rebecca paled, but she could only walk out helplessly. The door to the meeting room closed again, and she was so angry that tears flowed out of her eyes. Not long after, Stephen Campbell called. “Becca, congratulations! Your father must be the new chairman of Hudson now.” “…” Rebecca’s cheek felt as if she had been slapped hard. Stephen did not notice and continued saying, “When your father takes office, the North Bay project that we discussed last time can be started right away. Then, the Campbell and Jones families will cooperate to create a five-star resort in North Bay. Soon, whether it’s North Bay or Melbourne, it’ll be our world. “Haha, I really want to see the defeated faces of the Harrison and Clark families now. “Rebecca, why aren’t you saying anything?” Stephen, who had been talking for a while, finally noticed her silence.

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