Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 200

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 200 – Jeffery clenched his fists and quickly calmed down. “Even if that’s true, all the shares have been transferred to my name. It’s useless to say more. Today’s board meeting can’t change the fact that I’m the largest shareholder.”

“Who said that they’re under your name?” Catherine smiled heartily. “Haven’t you checked? 30% of the shares have been transferred to my name in the Department of Industry and Commerce.”

Jeffery’s expression changed. He could no longer hold back and immediately took out his phone to call the department. Less than a minute later, he turned to her with vicious eyes, wanting nothing more than to skin her alive.

Catherine faced the crowd. “It’s such a coincidence. My grandmother passed away very suddenly, and she was p*******d very suddenly as well. News of her d***h was told to me by someone else, and it was only a while ago that I learned that I had a connection with Hudson. Otherwise, the shares would really become my uncle’s without a word.”

The crowd immediately burst into whispers.

“My goodness, it seems that there’s something mysterious about Old Madam Jones’ d***h.”

“That’s true. The old madam was still in good spirits when I saw her in the first half of the year.”

“Tsk, he’s really ruthless. She was his biological mother!”

“We’d better stay away from him in the future. How terrifying!”


Everyone’s gazes on Jeffery changed.

Jeffery slapped the table in anger. “Catherine Jones, try talking nonsense again.”

“Uncle, I’ve never accused you. Why are you being so defensive? Do you have a guilty conscience?” Catherine raised her brows with cold eyes. “But I don’t believe that you’d k**l your own mother. If you did, my grandmother will never let you off.”

Jeffery flinched and broke out in a cold sweat. He quickly changed the subject in a bad mood. “What are you planning to do here?”

“Of course, it’s to run against you for the position of chairman.”

Catherine looked at everyone. “I now have 30% of the shares, same as Jeffery Jones, so I’m also eligible to participate.”

“You must be crazy.”

Jeffery looked like he had heard a big joke. “How old are you? You’re just a silly little girl. You have no experience and no ability. Who would be at ease and willingly hand over the company to you?”

“That’s right.” President Levy nodded. “We don’t want to care about your Jones family feud, but managing the company is no joke.”

“Yes, Hudson doesn’t lack people. No matter what, she can’t be the chairwoman.”

Some shareholders frowned and opposed it.

Jeffery was very satisfied and sat down again to sip his tea.

After all that was said and done, it seemed that the chairman position was still his.

“Why can’t I be chairwoman?”

Catherine said unhurriedly, “As we all know, Jeffery Jones used to be the chairman of Summit, but under his leadership, Summit was boycotted by the whole network and he even had to sell Summit at a low price. The internet is still talking about it now. His reputation has been completely ruined and no one trusts him. He led the company to accept bribes, while corruption and other vices ran rife. If he leads Hudson, the outside world will question the quality of Hudson’s houses and properties.”

When this statement was said, a number of shareholders nodded in agreement.

Jeffery’s expression stiffened as he stared at Catherine, wanting nothing more than to eat her alive.

Rebecca said angrily, “You still have the nerve to say that! Would Summit’s reputation have gotten damaged if it weren’t for you? It’s all your fault.”


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