Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 199

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 199 – Jeffery only felt that this person was a little familiar, but he did not recognize him. Director Irvine stood up and said, “President Jefferson, aren’t you living in Brisbane now? Why did you come to the company today?”

Rebecca’s expression froze. She immediately understood that he was the person who rarely showed up in the company, Chris Jefferson.

However, he only had 10% of the shares and it could not compare to her father’s 60%. Furthermore, Jeffery was already the chairman.

She did not show Chris any respect at all and mocked unceremoniously, saying, “Of course, you can join as a shareholder, but you can’t use your position to bring garbage in.”

She glanced at Catherine after speaking.

Catherine raised her eyebrows and laughed. “Are you talking about yourself?”

“Catherine Jones, are you still dreaming?” Rebecca sneered, “My father is now the chairman of Hudson. I can come here whenever I want. Who do you think you are?”

“I haven’t even voted. How did he become the new chairman?” Chris dully dragged a chair over and sat down.

Jeffery looked down on Chris. “It seems that President Jefferson isn’t satisfied with me, but there are already ten people in the company who voted for me. Even if you don’t vote, it’s useless.”

“Yes.” Director Irvine felt awkward. “Jeffery is the new chairman. No one can change that.

“He’s also the largest shareholder who holds 60% of the shares. How can you compare to him?”

Some people began to mock.

Jeffery’s expression was arrogant. “President Jefferson, if you’re here to cause trouble, don’t blame me for asking someone to escort you out.”

“Who said you’re the largest shareholder?” Chris smiled. “You have 30% of the shares at most.”

Jeffery frowned. “When my mother died, 60% of the shares were given to me.”

“You think too much.” Chris threw the documents in his hand on the table. “The old madam made a will before she passed. After she dies, Catherine Jones and you will each have 30% of the 60% of shares. What, are you planning to take everything without saying anything?”

When this statement was made, the whole room was in an uproar.

Jeffery and Rebecca’s faces changed greatly. Director Irvine picked up the documents and his face turned grave. “It’s true. The seal and signature of the old madam are on it.”

“That’s impossible…” Jeffery slapped the table and stood up.

“What’s impossible about it?” Catherine walked over to look at the crowd. “I believe that all shareholders know that Hudson was founded by Sheryl Jones more than 20 years ago. I’m Sheryl’s daughter, and this is my mother’s company. My grandparents only gave him 30% of the shares because Jeffery Jones raised me, but he’s insatiable and wants to hog it all.”

“You shut your mouth!” Jeffery tried to slap her, but someone was quicker than him.

Elle caught his hand and squeezed hard, making him scream in pain immediately.

“Who are you? Let go of me this instant, or else!”

“If you dare to hit my employer again, I’ll break your hand.”

Elle warned coldly before releasing his hand. Jeffery took a few steps back. His hand was numb with pain.

Rebecca supported Jeffery and said incredulously, “Catherine Jones, what are you talking about? For the sake of glory and wealth, you’d even disown your biological father? Everyone knows that Sheryl Jones had never married. How could she have a daughter? Have you gone crazy?”

“That’s not what you said before. You said yourself that I’m not Jeffery Jones’ daughter.”

Rebecca’s eyes flashed with mockery. “I was just talking nonsense back then. Grandpa and Grandma’s will clearly states it.”

Director Irvine nodded helplessly again. “Yes, it’s written that Catherine Jones is indeed Sheryl Jones’ daughter.”


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