Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 198

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 198 – The meeting began, and Jeffery sat at Director Irvine’s immediate right.

Director Irvine took a sip of tea to moisten his throat and asked, “Is everyone here?”

“Everyone except Chris Jefferson has arrived,” President Cabel said, “But everyone knows that President Jefferson never attends the shareholders’ meeting. He never participates in the company affairs and only enjoys the dividends.”

“In that case, let the board meeting begin.”

Director Irvine said, “I’m now 70 years old and my health is not as good as it once was. I want to step down from my position and take care of my health, so the position of chairman must be filled by a capable person. It just so happens that this year, Old Madam Jones passed away and 60% of her shares were passed to her son, Jeffery Jones. In the future, he’ll be the largest shareholder of the company and has absolute authority.”

The room of shareholders immediately cast envious glances at Jeffery.

Jeffery’s lips curled upward. What was the point of being envious? Only he was destined for this.

President Levy smiled. “Chairman Jones is in his golden age and is mature and steady. I believe it’s best for him to take over the position of chairman.”

“Yes, we agree.”

“Let it be President Jones. I have no problems with this.”


The large conference room was filled with sounds of support.

Director Irvine nodded and said, “Since this is an election, we still have to follow the standard procedure. Raise of hands, everyone.”

The shareholders of the board raised their hands, and Director Irvine counted. “Ten votes out of 15 shareholders. It looks like my position belongs to President Jones now. No, I should call you Chairman Jones now.”

Jeffery rose with a spring in his step. “Thank you for your support, everyone. If I can take up the position of chairman, I’ll definitely lead Hudson to the top 300 in the world, or even the top 100. I’ll let everyone gain better dividends every year.”

“We believe in you.” Everyone raised their hands and applauded.

Jeffery could not stop smiling. His whole body seemed to be floating.

He had been chairman at Summit for half his life, but Summit was nothing compared to the status of Hudson.

In the future, all of Melbourne would be under his feet.

As for those who did not vote for him today…

He turned to Rebecca and said, “Remember those who did not vote. Get rid of the families of the shareholders who don’t dare to support me.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ve written it all down.” Rebecca’s red lips were raised upwards. “Dad, can I have the position of the company’s general manager? I don’t care about being the general manager of the property development project.”

“Be good. I’ll talk about it in the meeting later.”

Rebecca trembled in excitement. In the future, she would be a young lady worth tens of billions. The entire celebrity circle in the country would be her foothold, much less Melbourne.

As for Catherine, she was just an ant.

“Chairman Jones, take my seat. This place belongs to you now.” Director Irvine got up. “The next shareholders’ meeting will be in your hands.”

“Director Irvine, you’re too polite.” That was what Jeffery said, but his legs immediately walked over to sit down.

Suddenly, the door of the conference room opened with a bang, and a middle-aged man in a black suit walked in with a powerful aura surrounding him. Behind him, a young woman followed him. Her royal blue suit set off her fair skin, and her long hair was draped over her shoulders. It emphasized her dazzling features. Her small face was expressionless, but it only brought attention to her aura.

At that moment, Jeffery and Rebecca’s faces changed instantly.

Rebecca shouted loudly, “Catherine Jones, what are you doing here?! Get out! This is the property of Hudson. Who allowed you in here? Get out right now!”

Her tone was arrogant. Catherine’s thin lips were raised in disdain while Chris Jefferson said, “What, have I lost my right to bring a person to the shareholders’ meeting just because I haven’t come to the company for a few years?”


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