Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 197

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 197 – Shaun pinched her cheeks. “Be good, I’m still waiting for you to raise me after getting Hudson.”

The magnetic voice made Catherine completely powerless to say anything.

On the other side, Elle gave them a strange look.

Catherine noticed it. After Shaun went to work, she asked Elle with a smile, “Do you know Shaunny?”

Hearing the name ‘Shaunny’, Elle smiled and replied respectfully, “Yes.”

Catherine looked around and asked, “Then you must know if he has had an ex-girlfriend before. How many has he had?”

“Ms. Jones, you can ask Mr. Hill about this.” Elle brushed off the topic with a few words.

Catherine was very discouraged. This bodyguard was too tight-lipped.

Later that day, Catherine resigned from her position in Talton and made her preparations for Hudson.


In the Jones’ residence.

Jeffery was in a good mood after receiving a phone call from a shareholder. “Director Irvine finally agreed to support me. The chairman position will be mine tomorrow.”

“Honey, congratulations.” Sally smiled quite proudly. News of Jeffery’s status as a major shareholder of Hudson had been spread these days, so those rich wives who used to look down on her were rushing to fawn over her again. “When you take up the position of chairman and Rebecca and Stephen get married, our Jones family will stand at the top of Melbourne.”

“That’s right. We used to look up to the Harrison and Clark families, but soon, we’ll surpass them and become the most powerful family in Melbourne.”

Jeffery became more triumphant the more he thought about it and could not help but burst out in laughter.

Rebecca also laughed. “Dad, have you found Aunty Wendy already? She’s a ticking time b**b if we keep her.”

“Yes, that old woman knows too many things,” Sally hurriedly said.

“So what if she knows things? I’m the one in power now. Catherine is just a measly little girl. What can she do to me?”

Jeffery sneered, not placing any importance on those people at all. “Even if she has Shaun Hill behind her, I suspect that Shaun won’t stay alive for long.”

“Dad, Hugh Jewell has arrived in Melbourne.” Rebecca smiled strangely. “Ever since his sister’s d***h, he hates Shaun Hill so much that he won’t stop until he kills him. His entire purpose of living is to k**l Shaun Hill.”

“Well done.” Jeffery gave her a praising look. “As expected of my daughter.”

Rebecca could not hide her happiness. Tomorrow, she would be the number one socialite in Melbourne. She no longer had to endure others looking down on her ever again.

The next day at 9:00 am.

The annual grand shareholders meeting was held.

Jeffery took Rebecca and entered with large strides. He was greeted by all the people who shook hands with him.

“President Jones, congratulations! I believe the position of chairman will be yours once Director Irvine steps down.”

“What are you saying? I just joined Hudson and am still not very clear about the internal matters yet,” Jeffery said modestly while restraining his smugness.

“What do you have to be clear about? That’s what the executives we hire with high salaries are for,” another man said flatteringly, “The future development of the company depends on Chairman Jones now.”

“Yes, yes, Chairman Jones. The little ones in the Levy family will be relying on you and Hudson,” President Levy also echoed.

“No problem.” Jeffery could no longer hold back the smug look on his face and laughed.


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