Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 196

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 196 – At that moment, Catherine was so shocked that she sobered up. She quickly said, “That’s… Can you even walk? I’ll send you up.”

“No, I’m not drunk. I’ll never get drunk.” Freya waved her hand unsteadily and staggered into the neighborhood.

“Uncle?” Shaun raised his eyebrows in confusion.

Catherine jumped in fright. “It’s because you look a little like her uncle, so she calls you ‘Uncle’ in private.”

“Tell her not to call me that. I’m not related to her.”

Shaun started the car, and Catherine sighed in relief. Thankfully, he did not suspect anything.

On the way back, the alcohol and sleepiness got to Catherine. She blearily fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time, someone picked her up gently.

She opened her eyes in a daze and clearly saw a handsome face. Thinking she was dreaming, she pouted her plump lips and draped her hands around his neck. “Shaunny, don’t be angry, okay? I really miss you these days. I’m so tired. So many things happened recently and I really want someone to talk to. I only have you now. You’ll always stay by my side, right?”

Then, she suddenly cried as she hugged him. Her tears slipped down her cheek and flowed down his neck.

Shaun was stunned. She was probably confused after waking up and thought he had not come back yet.

His heart overflowed with a trace of pain.

She must have been very stressed these days. After all, she was still a woman. So many things happened, yet he was not by her side.

“Yeah, I’ll always stay by your side,” he murmured softly in her ear.

The man’s gentle voice was like a tranquilizer, gradually calming Catherine down. She closed her eyes and fell asleep on his shoulder.

Shaun carried her upstairs and placed her on the bed gently. Looking at her soft cheeks, he sighed. He was completely whipped this time.

These days when she was not around, he had not slept well at all. Just as he was about to take a shower, someone knocked softly on the door outside.

He opened the door and saw Hadley standing outside. He said in a low voice, “Something’s up.”

Shaun walked out the door, and Hadley handed him a photo of a disheveled man with a star on his face. “I received news that Hugh Jewell has arrived in Melbourne to find you. I believe he’s here to avenge his sister again.”

“How did he know I’m in Melbourne?” A cold light flashed in Shaun’s eyes.

“You came to Melbourne and handled several large cases, especially the Summit case which blew up. Although I’ve tried hiding your name, the internet now is too developed…”

Hadley frowned and contemplated before saying, “This person has been pestering you since five years ago. Should I…”

“No need.” Shaun frowned and refused.

Hadley was anxious. “I know you may think in your heart that you owe him because of the lawsuit back then, but he’s… He’s too crazy and extreme. Ms. Jones will be in danger.”

“Get someone over to protect her.”

Shaun ordered.

The next day, Catherine changed her clothes and went downstairs. She saw that there was a spirited young woman with short hair and a resolute figure there.

“Hello, Ms. Jones. I’m your bodyguard, Elle Charlton. I’ll be responsible for your safety from now on.”

Catherine blinked and looked at Shaun who was sitting at the side. “You got me a bodyguard?”

“Mmh, the Jones family is rising again. You’re unlucky, so I’ll be more assured if there’s someone by your side.” Shaun did not tell her the truth, lest she be on edge all day.

“Shaunny, you’re so good to me.” Catherine remembered the last time she fell into Rebecca’s trap. After some consideration, she did not refuse.

“It’s good that you know.” Shaun’s eyes were gentle, but they became cold again when he turned to Elle. “Protect her well. If anyone lays a hand on her, you’ll be completely responsible. Also, let me know if anyone from the opposite s*x approaches her.”

Elle nodded. “Understood.”

From the side, Catherine was speechless. “You’re just spying on me in the name of protection, aren’t you?”


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