Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 195

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 195 – Catherine felt like crying out of embarrassment.

She quickly glanced around after the kiss finally ended, only to realize the others had already gone off to one side to play a game of dice.

Chase laughed cheekily. “Come on and join us now that you’re done kissing. We’ve already completed a few games since.”

She felt her cheeks flushing once more. “No,” Shaun replied lazily and buried his face into her long hair. “We’re heading home.”

“Not yet. Freya’s been drinking. I need to give her a ride home.”

“Get a taxi.”

She hesitated briefly before refusing. “No, she just had a fight with her boyfriend and I promised to send her home. I can’t ignore her because I’ve got you.”

A look of displeasure flashed across his face again. “What do you mean? Am I less important than your friend?”


‘Of course, friends are important too.’

Despite that, she kept the thought to herself and replied in a cutesy voice, “Hey, stop overthinking things. We don’t come out and have fun that often. There’s so much more I want to tell you.”

Without holding back, she told him everything she learned from Aunty Wendy in the past few days.

The corners of his lips twitched into a cold smile as he understood the big picture now. “It appears my getting injured at the construction site last time wasn’t an accident either but a set-up from the Jones family. Well, well, well, how dare they trick me?”

The last person who caused him harm was no longer in this world. The Jones father-and-daughter duo was too ambitious.

He pulled out his phone to search for Hadley’s number.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Taking care of the Jones father-and-daughter duo.”

The arrogance was evident in his voice. She quickly disconnected the call. “Don’t act on impulse. The Jones family is too influential at the moment and you can’t afford to offend them. Besides, they’re planning to combine forces with the Campbell family through marriage. They’re even disregarding Melbourne’s most powerful Harrison family.”


Shaun kept quiet.

He could not afford to offend them? The man felt like laughing.

“Sigh, don’t worry, I’ll avenge you.”

Catherine comforted him sincerely. “I plan to join Hudson Corporation to fight for the vacant president position. I’ll make sure the Jones family is destroyed in the end and personally throw my grandma’s m******r into p****n.”

The man sized her up and down without putting any effort to mask his suspicions.

She coughed awkwardly. “Believe me that I’ll put in 100%. Hudson Corporation was founded by my mother and I must take it back. When that happens… I can support you financially too if you want to retire from the legal force.”

“Um, alright. I’ll wait for that day.”

An enigmatic smile flashed across his face. How interesting!

Sure, if that was what she wanted, then he would not interfere. He could not wait to see how much she had grown in the past few months.

After all, she had to face his devil family members one day now that they were married.

They hung out together until 11:00 p.m.

Freya could not stop checking her phone every five minutes. It was disappointing that Patrick had not called her since.

She had a few more drinks than usual because of her terrible mood.

Catherine had a few drinks too. Her cheeks were red as ripe tomatoes.

Shaun gave those two women a ride home. On the way, Freya suddenly cried out loud and started yelling about her scumbag boyfriend. Catherine joined in halfway through.

He was getting a headache from the women’s shouting. Therefore, he stepped on the accelerator to speed up the journey to Freya’s home.

“Thank you, ah, thanks, Uncle.” Freya opened the door and clumsily got out of the car with her jelly-like legs. She did not forget to bow to the man. “Please take good care of my darling Cathy in the future.”


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