Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 194

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 194 – Shaun did not feel relieved upon hearing that but became more disappointed. “You didn’t come to me immediately when you needed help. Instead, you turned to the man who’s interested in you. Catherine Jones, have I been too nice to you lately?”

“No, I talked it out with Wesley and he understands too—”

“Don’t you dare tell me that he only sees you as a friend now.” He smiled sarcastically. “So you’ll be alright with me being friends with the women who tried wooing me before?”


This took her by surprise. After placing herself in his shoes, she finally realized the mistake she had made.

“I’m sorry.” A long time later, she lowered her head. “I’ll call you immediately if I need help in the future and I’ll not accept help from him again. I really only care about you.”

He let go of her and lit a cigarette. As he inhaled and exhaled, the smoke puffed up in silence.

She studied his profile closely. It rendered her helpless when he remained unperturbed like this.

Coincidentally, she noticed the love song Freya was singing was coming to an end.

An idea popped into her mind. She rushed forward to pick out a song and dragged it to the top of the upcoming songs list.

In a matter of seconds, a familiar classic melody filled the room.

Everyone knew which song this was and instantly turned to look at Catherine in surprise.

Her cheeks blushed as it was her first time trying something like this in public. However, at the sight of Shaun’s handsome silhouette, she took a deep inhale before muttering softly. “I’d like to dedicate the song ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ to the person I love.”

She glanced at Shaun quickly after saying that.

The man raised his gaze to look at her. The bright downlight hanging from the ceiling flashed across her face. He caught a glimpse of those red cheeks and eyes that sparkled like twinkling stars in the night sky.

He felt something materialize in his heart.

Chase whistled and started clapping. “Oh, bravo Rin! Shaun, did you hear that? She’s confessing her love for you.”

Shaun twitched his lips without commenting. He crossed his legs and stared right at her.

She lifted the microphone to her lips gradually.

“You ask how deeply I love you,

“And just how great my love is,

“My affection is real,

“And my love is true,

“The moon represents my heart…”

He had not heard her sing before. Her sweet and soft voice was so soothing to the ears.

Listening to music was not a habit of his, not to mention classic oldies like this one.

However, he found this song especially lovely at this moment.

The lyrics were just perfect.

It was such a shame that it ended quickly.

Everyone else started applauding. Both Chase and Freya started clamoring. “Kiss, kiss, kiss…”

Mortified, Catherine glared at her best friend for joining in.

“Come here.”

Shaun waved her over.

She walked toward him shyly. The man placed her on his lap, held her tiny face, and locked his lips with hers.

The woman, embarrassed to be doing this in public, wished that she could vanish into thin air right this instant. However, upon thinking he was not mad at her anymore, she kissed back passionately.

Unexpectedly, the man lost himself in the kiss. He could not wait to release all the tension that had been building up within him in the past few days. However, the others were still watching them.


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