Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 193

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 193 – Janet smiled smugly. “Hear that? He wants you to get out.”

All color drained off Catherine’s face within seconds.

“I meant you.”

Shaun rose to his feet slowly, extended his long leg, and kicked Rebecca off the couch.

Everyone was shocked. The woman screamed, “Shaun Hill, who do you think you are?! How dare you kick me! I’ll not let this go.”

“Oh, really? I shall wait and see, then.” With a disgusted expression on his face, he grabbed a napkin from the table and carefully wiped his shoulder where she rested her head on just now.

The fury inside Catherine vanished at the sight of that.

At least he did the right thing. Otherwise, she might just give him the cold shoulder forever.

“Shaun, you’ll regret this. Wait and see. One day, you’ll come begging me to s********h you.” Janet clenched her teeth and stomped off after being humiliated.


Chase scolded the woman, “Stupid thing! Does she think she deserves to s********h our Shaun? Trash! A pile of dog sh*t!”

Freya and Miles failed to suppress their laughter.

Only Catherine and Shaun kept a straight face.

“You have the cheek to say that. Look at the trashy crowd you invited over today.” The corners of Shaun’s lips twitched into a sarcastic smile.

A look of embarrassment washed over Chase’s face. “I don’t care about the Campbell family even if they collaborate with Hudson Corporation. Come on, drink up and continue the fun. Only the real ones stayed behind.”

He took the lead and picked out a song. Freya tagged along and picked one for herself.

The long couch suddenly felt empty. Coincidentally, Catherine was sitting between Miles and Shaun.

Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Well, she had just arrogantly claimed Shaun was her man just now. Oh no…

“Come closer.” Shaun patted the space next to him out of the blue.

She had no choice but to brace herself to scoot over. He draped one arm over her and grabbed her chin with another. “You declared earlier that… I’m your man?” he said, raising his brows.


She could feel her cheeks burning. Looking straight into the depths of his darkened eyes, she could not figure out what was on the man’s mind.

However, he simply stared at her without saying anything else. Enraged, she said, “That’s right, you’re my man. Correct me anytime if you think this isn’t right. I promise not to pester you again.”

A complicated emotion flashed across his eyes. He did not know whether to feel angry or delighted.

How had he not realized the woman’s domineering side before this? Anyway, it sounded like her feelings for him were not solid. Could it still be true love if she could just switch off and stop pestering him whenever she wanted to?

“Very well, I’m glad you still remember your position. But why do you always forget what I said?”

The indifference was evident in his voice. “Having fun chatting with other men?”

Startled, she thought he was just talking about Miles. “Young Master Clark was just thanking me for last time. I was going to sit next to you but you… You haven’t been home for the past few days and kept ignoring me… You even pretended not to know me earlier…”

Her voice lowered toward the end. It was evident she was embarrassed and felt like she had been wronged.

Something materialized in his heart. At the sight of her puppy eyes that seemed about to overflow with tears at any second, he could not bring himself to vent out the rage that he had been suppressing deep inside him for the past days.

“You have the cheek to say that. I hate it when women lie to me,” he said with a snort, “I told you not to stay in touch with Wesley but you didn’t listen to me. Do you think I can tolerate and forgive you every single time?”

It finally became clear to her. “You mean the encounter at the hospital a few days ago… How did you know?”

He kept on a straight face though his eyes evidently revealed displeasure.

“I was at Green Mountain at that time when I received the phone call about Aunty Wendy. Wesley was coincidentally at the site to check the work progress. He heard me on the phone and told me that he knew someone from the hospital. That’s it,” she explained.


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