Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 192

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 192 – “Young Master Harrison, do you want to come over as well? Look, there’s no one left in your room.” Stephen laughed smugly as he approached the door.

“F*ck you, Stephen Campbell. You’re doing this on purpose, right?” Chase slapped the table angrily and sprung to his feet.

“Well, they’re all smart people who follow where the money is.” Stephen raised his brows. “Perhaps soon you’ll also have to step down from being the most successful family in Melbourne.”

“You must still be dreaming if you think you can get to the top of the food chain by sleeping with a shameless woman.” Chase pointed at Rebecca and laughed sarcastically. “A second-hand woman like her? She was still someone else’s fiancée just last month. Watch your back.”

Indifference filled Rebecca’s face within seconds. “Young Master Clark, watch your back. Otherwise, once my dad becomes the president next month, I might tear down the Harrison family first and foremost.”

Catherine, who was listening on the side, chuckled. “Don’t be so full of yourself. It’ll be a great embarrassment if that doesn’t happen.”

“That’s right.” Freya laughed joyfully. “The Jones family has a terrible reputation. It’s best not to stain Hudson’s good name too.”

“Agreed,” Chase chipped in as well, laughing.

“Laugh all you want and I’ll see all of you crying next month.” With a straight face, Rebecca grabbed Stephen by the wrist and left the private room.

Janet was left behind. She positioned herself next to Shaun with a coquettish smile. “Mr. Hill, why aren’t you coming with us?”

The man glared at her coldly.

She did not seem to mind. Ever since encountering Shaun for the first time, she had not seen another man more elegant than him. It was a shame that his position was not a good match for her. However, after learning that he was Australia’s best attorney, she really thought they were a perfect match.

“Mr. Hill, perhaps you don’t know much about the Campbell family.”

Janet continued, smiling. “The Campbell family has over 50 billion dollars in assets and we’re currently investing in F&B, travel, finance, technology, and other industries. Soon, we’ll be cooperating with Hudson Corporation, which is one of the top 500 most successful companies globally. Our future is promising. Perhaps one day we can even surpass Australia’s richest family, the Hills.”

“Pfft.” A chuckle escaped Chase’s lips. He really wanted to yell at the uncultured woman who was sitting right next to the richest man in Australia.

The corners of Shaun’s lips twitched as he really wanted to push the woman away. The strong fragrance coming off her was attacking his nostrils. However, upon noticing Catherine staring at them from the side, he suppressed the desire and pursed his lips in silence.

Thinking she had a chance, Janet boldly laid her head down on his shoulder. “If you’re willing to be my man, you’ll have more money than what you’ll spend the rest of your life earning working as an attorney.”

His eyes narrowed. She misunderstood this as a sign and whispered into his ear, “Catherine is not only poor but also stupid. I’m so much better than her.”

Her hand slowly moved across the man’s chest.

Catherine could not watch any longer. An intense feeling of rage surged inside her. She picked up a wine glass and rushed toward Janet before splashing it on her face. Several ice cubes even landed on the latter’s head.

“Ah, Catherine Jones! You’re out of your mind!” Janet screamed hysterically and sprung to her feet. Immediately, she grabbed several napkins to dry her face and body.

“I think you’re the one who lost your mind. It’s so obvious that you’re in heat, hence I’m helping to cool you down.”

She positioned herself in front of Shaun before saying coldly, “I’m warning you that this is my man. I’ll chop off your hand if I ever see you touch him again.”

“Your man?” Janet scoffed as if she had been told a joke. “You were sitting so far away from him earlier. Are you sure about this? One-sided love ends up in humiliation most of the time.”


Catherine lacked confidence at the thought of Shaun’s indifference.

However, Janet’s teasing left her with no choice.

At the same time, the man’s cold voice rang behind her. “Get out.”


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