Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 190

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 190 – Angry tears began rolling down Freya’s cheeks as she climbed up the stairs. Fortunately, Catherine was there to hold her up.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“I’ve always wanted to say it anyway.” Freya wiped the tears with the back of her hands. “You noticed something was wrong after seeing their interaction twice. But the number of times I’ve seen Linda are almost similar to the times I went out on dates with Patrick.”

This came as a shock to Catherine. She had been studying abroad for the past few years, hence she was not too clear about her friend’s love life.

A bitter smile spread across Freya’s face. “Seven out of ten times we went out on dates, he would bring Linda along, even to the cinema. The three other times when we got to be alone, he would leave soon after because he got a call from that woman.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Catherine felt bad but also furious at the same time. “I shouldn’t have been so polite, then. I would’ve yelled at them right away.”

“I didn’t want to see you and Patrick fight,” she said sadly, “I really like him and tried so long to get him to be with me. I also told my family that I’ll bring him home this Christmas. He’s the person I want to marry.”

Catherine said angrily, “If he always takes Linda’s side, it’s possible that you’ll get divorced even if you get married.”

This took Freya by surprise. She appeared distracted before finally nodding slowly.

“Don’t think about it for now. D***n your feelings with alcohol. I’ll drive you home later.” Catherine linked arms with her and they walked toward the private room together.

The door was pushed open, revealing the ten or more so people sitting inside the lively room.

Out of the big crowd, she only knew Chase, Miles, and the man sitting at the far corner… Shaun.

The heater was turned on. He was wearing a white shirt and holding a wine glass in his left hand. It was hard not to notice the mature and elegant man.

He was also the center of attention, the brightest presence even in a room full of people.

However, he did not look at her from the moment she showed up. There was indifference in his eyes.

This embarrassed Catherine. All of a sudden, she regretted her decision to come here.

“Hey, the beautiful Rin and Freya!” Chase greeted them enthusiastically. “Go on, sit next to Shaun.”

After a brief hesitation, he whispered into Catherine’s ear, “Shaun hasn’t been himself lately. Go on and talk to him.”


Ha, she was not in a good mood either, so why should she be the one to make a move?

She really could not bring herself to walk over so shamelessly when the man was pretending not to know her at all.

Therefore, she remained rooted to the ground. Coincidentally, Miles gestured to her and shouted, “Catherine, come and sit over here.”

Many people turned to her upon hearing that. Despite that, Shaun was still talking to the person sitting next to him. His face was turned to the side as if this had nothing to do with him.

Annoyed, she dragged Freya along toward Miles. “Young Master Clark…”

“Catherine, come on, I owe you one. I’ve been meaning to apologize to you,” Miles said sincerely. “I misunderstood the last time and almost got you thrown into p****n. Although I lost the court case, at the very least, I found out who was really trying to set me up.”

“Young Master Clark, like I said before, I was responsible for what happened last time too.” She knew the man could get quite jealous but was not a horrible person on the inside.

“Okay, let bygones be bygones then.”

The two of them gave a toast to each other before starting to discuss the hotel.

At the far corner, Shaun, who noticed them chatting and laughing happily, felt a rage rising inside him. The temperature of the air around him seemed to have dropped drastically.


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