Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 189

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 189 – 8:00 p.m. Catherine and Freya had just arrived at the karaoke bar when they suddenly noticed a couple walking toward them from the other direction. The immaculately dressed man looked handsome and refined. The woman next to him was wearing an almond-color Chanel coat. She looked adorable with her long, wavy curls.

Right that instant, Freya felt utterly humiliated.

The man who had just told her not long ago that he was too occupied at work was standing in front of her with another woman.

Catherine frowned. She pulled her friend to the couple and said with a plastered smile, “President Jackson, what a coincidence! I thought you told Freya you’re working overtime at the office? You said you were too occupied to pick her up later.”

Her straightforward remark made the man blush. “I did have to work overtime but Linda called to say Young Master Cook was harassing her, hence why I’m here.”

Linda quickly added, “That’s right. Freya, I’m sure you’ve heard of Young Master Cook. He’s such a pest.”

Freya twitched her lips.

Catherine said, smiling. “Young girl, I’m so envious of you for having an elder brother. Not only does he attend banquets with you as your male companion but he also rushes over to save you when you’re in trouble. But you might not be able to get a boyfriend if this goes on. Other men might misunderstand that you two are a couple.”

Unexpectedly, a flustered look washed over Linda’s face. “Catherine, what are you trying to say? Why don’t you believe that we’re innocent? Have you thought of how your words might affect Freya?”

Patrick frowned at the sound of that.

Linda turned to look at him guiltily. “Patrick, I’m sorry. You should go to Freya. I’ll quickly run out of the place later if I sense any danger.”

“Alright, stop it.”

Annoyed, he threw a glance at Catherine. “Miss Jones, there are some things that you don’t understand, so keep your thoughts to yourself.”

She was speechless. “I was just giving her a friendly reminder…”

“We know what we’re doing without needing your advice,” he interrupted with a straight face.

“Really? I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”

Freya felt fury surge through her when her friend was insulted. “You rush over immediately every single time she needs you. But what about me? I went to the hospital alone when I fell sick and I took the taxi home after returning from a late-night flight. Lately, you don’t even go shopping or dine out with me anymore.”

“Please don’t listen to your friend. Patrick only has eyes for you,” Linda said quickly.

“Shut your mouth.”

Freya shouted at the woman, “If you love pestering someone else’s boyfriend so much, then why don’t you two just get together?”

“Freya, I wasn’t…” Tears rolled down Linda’s cheeks.

Patrick could not take it much longer and immediately stepped in front of Linda. “Freya Lynch, what’s wrong with you? She hasn’t done anything to offend you. Can’t you not get easily influenced by your friend? Learn to think independently,” he shouted.

“You’re right, I’m stupid, and that’s why I fell for you.”

Then, she grabbed Catherine by the wrist and stomped away to the second floor.

Behind her, Linda urged the man. “Patrick, quickly go after her. She’s upset.”

“Why are you siding with her? Didn’t you hear what she said just now?”

“I heard everything. But she just can’t see who’s genuine to her.”

“That’s not her fault.”


Freya could not stop hearing the voices rising and falling behind her.


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