Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 188

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 188 – Catherine nodded weakly.

“These are the documents your grandpa handed to me for safekeeping.” Chris sighed as he retrieved the file. “Fortunately, your grandpa had a backup plan against Jeffery although I’m sure he didn’t wish for this day to happen. Ha, Jeffery had nothing to do with Hudson’s success today. He was only allocated 30% of the stocks for raising you yet he’s not grateful.”

“That’s right. He could have gotten his hands on it after Grandma died but he didn’t want to wait. Instead, he m******d her mercilessly.” She clasped her fingers around the file. “With these documents, he can forget about becoming the president of Hudson next month.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you acquire that position.” Chris smiled.

“Thanks, Uncle Chris.” She felt touched. “You’ve been working for my mom for a long time. Have you seen my dad before?” she asked hesitantly.

The man’s face fell before he finally replied after a long time, “I have. But don’t get too upset. He doesn’t know about your presence.”

Suddenly, she felt relieved. “That’s alright. So long as I’m not someone who’s been abandoned by their parents.”

“In fact, his contribution was what made Hudson successful today. But… he already has a family.” Chris looked at her pitifully.

She understood. “It’s only to be expected. After all, it’s been 20 years. No one would wait forever.”

Chris grimaced. “Jeffery has been trying to curry favor with the stockholders and executive-level employees of the company. You have to act cautiously.”

“Yup. I’ll definitely take back what belongs to me.”

That afternoon, she rejected Chris’ invitation to stay longer and took the return flight to Melbourne.

She turned on her phone after alighting the plane but there was still no news from Shaun.

A bitter feeling materialized in her heart. She wondered what had gone wrong between them.

On second thought, she sent him a text. [Where are you?]

She still did not hear back from him after a long time, hence she invited Freya to hang out.

“Congratulations, the future boss of Hudson! Ah, you’re going to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars soon. I should stick by you and never let go.” Freya laughed mischievously. “How do you think Cindy will feel once she finds out?”

“No point thinking about people who sway with the wind.” Catherine shook her head.

“But I heard that… she has become someone’s mistress,” Freya whispered, “He’s from a rather powerful background in Canberra. His influence has been growing lately.”

Catherine frowned. “We’re not really going to cross paths much since she’s in the entertainment industry.”

Her current target was the Jones family.

At the same time, Chase sent her a text on WhatsApp. [Rin, have you had dinner? Do you want to come over to PenG for karaoke? Shaun is here too. You can bring your friend along.]

Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of Shaun. She showed Freya the text. “Shall we?”

“Sure.” Freya winked as she stirred the milkshake. “You were just telling me that Shaun hasn’t spoken to you for several days. Don’t you miss him?”

“Ha, it’s better this way. I’ve finally regained my freedom.”

She then frowned before saying again in frustration, “There must be something wrong with him. He treated me well not long ago but now? Does he see me as a toy? He hasn’t been home for a few days now, so he might already have another woman out there.”

“Oh, I smell jealousy,” Freya teased.

“I’m not. I just don’t like his attitude.” Catherine refused to admit it. “Oh right, you drove here earlier but you’ll surely drink at that place later. Do you want Patrick to give you a ride after?”

“I’ll give him a call.”

Patrick answered helplessly, “I can’t. There are still a few proposals I need to complete. Hire a driver for yourself. I’ll send you the money.”

In a matter of minutes, Freya received 520 dollars in her bank account. She could not bring herself to be upset because of that.


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