Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 185

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 185 – Catherine fell into a chair upon receiving the bombshell news.

After Summit went down, it was likely that Jeffery plotted to m****r her grandmother in order to inherit the stocks to Hudson Corporation?

“No, that’s impossible. She’s his mother, after all.”

Wesley heaved a sigh. “Jeffery is accustomed to being in a position of power his whole life. You might not know this but people can do anything in order to maintain a life full of wealth and influence. Since the beginning of time, there have been records of blood brothers attacking each other, fighting to become the successor to an affluent family. Besides, your grandma was p*******d before this. He probably regarded her as a burden.”

Aunty Wendy nodded along. “Also, I never once believed your grandma becoming p*******d was an accident. Rebecca came to Plum Garden that day and your grandma fell from the second floor not long after she went up. She claimed that Old Madam lost her footing but the latter has always been fit and healthy, so I don’t believe that.”

Catherine raised her gaze from the ground as a shudder passed through her.

How could a person be that savage to harm her own grandmother?

“I bet she must’ve found out about your relationship with Hudson and that you’re not Jeffery’s birth daughter,” Aunty Wendy guessed.

“Aunty Wendy, you should’ve told me about this earlier.” Catherine felt extremely guilty.

“I really wanted to but the Jones family put out a search warrant for me. I’m guessing Jeffery wasn’t satisfied not knowing where the other 30% of stocks have gone, or maybe he wants to k**l me so I can take this secret to the grave. That’s why I’ve been living in seclusion, not daring to show my face in public.”

Aunty Wendy gripped Catherine’s hands. “Look for one of the stockholders in Hudson named Chris Jefferson. Your mom saved his life before. He has the necessary documents.”

Finally, Catherine asked tentatively, “Aunty Wendy, do you know who my real father is?”

The older woman shook her head, sighing. “I’m not sure, but I think he’s from a powerful family in Canberra.”

A glimmer of hope shone in Catherine’s eyes. It appeared that she might have the chance to meet her birth father.

However, why did he abandon her and her mother?

Perhaps he had long established another family.

Both the women in the hospital ward fell into silence. Out of the blue, Wesley suggested, “For the sake of Aunty Wendy’s safety, it’s best if we transfer her to another hospital so the Jones won’t find her. I know the head director of a private hospital who can help.”

“You’re right. Aunty Wendy can’t stay here,” Catherine agreed.

After that, they spent the next hour submitting the paperwork required for the transfer.

However, when she was sorting out the process at the reception, she failed to notice Angela who was coincidentally there for her mother’s routine check-up. She took a photo of Catherine getting into the escalator with Wesley.

Angela sent the photo to Shaun without hesitation. [Brother Shaun, isn’t this your girlfriend? Have you two broken up? I saw her being with another man.]

She was delighted after sending that message.

She had long been annoyed by this woman. Now, she finally had a chance.

Shaun, who was about to leave work, suddenly felt his phone vibrate.

His face fell the second he clicked into the message.

The photo clearly revealed Catherine and Wesley together at the hospital.

This woman kept professing her love for him but when would she finally settle down?

He called her right away. “Where are you?”

“Um… In the hospital,” she confessed after a brief hesitation.

His frown relaxed a little bit. At least she was not lying about this. “Who’s with you?”

She threw a quick glance at Wesley who was chatting with the doctor in charge before walking to the side. “With the doctor. The carer who used to look after my grandma has just come out of surgery. She has no family members or next of kin. I’ll probably be home a bit later today.”


She was lying. He knew she was with Wesley.

A dangerous intent flashed across his eyes.

When in trouble, she would rather seek help from Wesley instead of him. How close was her relationship with that man, really?

“Are you angry?” she asked cautiously when all she could hear was silence. “The newly-hired nurse can only come over at 9 p.m., so I’ll have to wait until then.”


He said before ending the call abruptly. Then, he tried to calm down his pulsating temples by gently massaging them.


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