Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! Chapter 182

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 182 – “Darling, just sit back and relax. Let me do it.”

Catherine was crying internally.

She was so jealous.

Shaun looked in the direction she was staring and twitched his lips nonchalantly. “You’re jealous over that ugly man?”


She did not know what to say.

Her gaze shifted back to the exceptionally good-looking man sitting next to her. Alright, time to get cooking. She only had herself to blame for being a shallow woman.

Thanks to her personal service, he had a nice time at dinner. All he needed to do was eat.

It occurred to him that hotpot was quite enjoyable. Perhaps they could come again soon.

After they finished eating, Catherine left the table to use the washroom.

When she was about to leave the cubicle, she suddenly heard two women speaking by the sink.

“Did you notice earlier… The man sitting at table 26 is incredibly handsome.”

“Come on, he’s even more attractive than all the male artists out there. I even secretly took a few photos.”

“But his girlfriend is not that impressive.”

“Agreed. Her love felt so one-sided. She kept cooking for the man but he didn’t seem to acknowledge her as much.”

“Sigh, surely anyone would do anything to please that charming man.”

Catherine almost exploded with rage.


Not that impressive?

One-sided love?

Would do anything to please?

Seriously? She had heard enough.

She kicked the cubicle door open. The two women were shocked into silence.

Catherine wedged herself in between them and retrieved her lipstick.

“Did you say I don’t look that impressive?”

Carefully, she drew the lipstick over her beautiful lips. She then pressed her lips together. In an instant, she took over the washroom with her unmistakable charm.

Embarrassed, the two women turned around and intended to leave.

She grabbed their wrists at once and turned their faces toward the mirror. “Take a good look at yourself. One has obviously injected too much botox that your face muscles look overly tense. At one glance, you can see that this one here has fillers inserted in her nose. I don’t have anything against plastic surgery but even after going through that you still don’t look as pretty as me. Yet you have the cheek to criticize my appearance.”

“That’s enough. It was just mindless gossip. Everyone has different beauty standards. There’s no need for you to come at us with personal attacks. We can practice freedom of speech.” One of the women was flushed because of the insults.

“So do I. You two are obviously jealous because you don’t have a boyfriend as charming as mine. Our relationship couldn’t be better. So what if I take care of my handsome man more?”

She washed her hands and dried them with tissue. Then, she gave a snort of contempt before leaving the washroom.

Although she had stood up for herself, her good mood from before seemed to have vanished.

Women also cared about their reputation. Little did she expect that was how others regarded her.

It was all Shaun’s fault for always wanting to be served. He definitely was not a gentleman.

After sorting the bills, he waited by the door for a while before she finally reappeared.

However, she did not look too pleased. It was as if someone had offended her.

She even glared at him before leaving the restaurant.


The man had no clue what was going on.

After entering the car, she kept her eyes glued on her phone without speaking a word.

His brows furrowed dangerously.

Indeed, being in a relationship was troublesome.

He pulled out his phone and sent a text to the group chat he was in with his close friends. [What does it mean when a woman suddenly refuses to speak?]


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